Saturday, August 5, 2017


When something is blocked in you're life regardless of what it is, it is Divine Intervention on you're behalf. Did you know you are One with God source creator, and the reason YOU are significant with real purpose? Imagine the voice of Infinite Wisdom leading you minute by minute as soon as you awake. This is how God works.

I receive most of my instruction when I'm very relaxed, not doing anything but "listening". You may find it difficult if not impossible to hear the voice of God if you don't make time to listen. This is where hearing the voice of God source creator intervenes to be certain we hear. 

As soon as you are just waking up, still in the lucid state before you're logical mind kicks in with it's To Do list. I might receive instruction or divine guidance during this time and write it down so I don't forget. 

This morning I grabbed my note pad and did just that.

I will share with you something I was shown I think you'll like.

We may be given "simple" instructions first with the inner prompting about "when" to act (felt in the solar plexus region and around the heart). This is you're divine navigational sector which will NEVER lead you off course if you listen.

I was shown that many of us desire healing, miracles and a huge act from God to shift our life into the upright position. So I asked for direction and, is it so difficult for us to receive from God or is it Us that makes it harder than it is?

We're talking about the Power of God that created You, I and the Universe!! Of course it's not difficult to have our needs met or to generate miracles.

But we are "conditioned" by society to "beleive" every thing we do or desire will or should be difficult. The only difficulty is "allowing" God to work through us and unfold our life into the perfectly orchestrated music you'll ever hear. This is how you'll feel inside when you allow God to take the lead and then follow through on the instruction you hear. 

So, here are a few notes fresh from this morning. 

1.) A Big one, I think you'll like it is this.... YOU cannot outgive God. What does this mean? Give back more than you receive and do it without any strings attached. 

God works through us by testing our faith and trust in him by using Money. Money is our biggest test. Letting go of it.

God has proven to me through "money" that he does what he's promised.  Once I gave away my last $20 as a way of showing God "I trust you". In less than two days, I received 4 times the amount. I did it again but this time gave more and received even more.

God is getting our attention through Money this year and into 2018. We will be given many opportunities to provide with NO strings attached to the outcome, that's God's job. 

We're in Christ consciousness now and moving forward. It will be up to you to trust in how much you want to trust that you're life become a beautiful sympony with God as the Conductor. 

You can donate in many ways. I prefer to give to other's who support my spiritual evolution. This can be a friend, neighbor or a person you've never met if they are inspiring you to connect with the holy spirit or divinity within yourself.

2.) Our Exterior life is a direct reflection of our Interior life. Well, this is a favorite of mine because it's sounds simple but can be the most difficult. 

What you eat, drink and think will RULE you're life. I "think" I'll put good things into my mind and eat fresh food and pure water and green tea. 

Recently I was shown to detox my body and do it simple. Here again, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to detox your body. Go outside in nature, this is the garden of life. 

Tea is one of the most high vibrational foods you can take in, mix that with pure spring water and you have a miracle elixier. ( If you chose to do this please of course follow the directives of you're physician.) 

Be consicous of what goes into you're mind through sight, hearing and Imagination. Avoid being around harsh energy in other's if possible and. 

Spend time and energy focusing on where you're life is being divinely guided. This is the time now moving forward. You want to place you're energy, not in the past but moving into a higher vibrational altititude energetically. 

Detach and let go of things, people, places that need to fall away so you're energy body will be free.

3.) Don't Complicate God's Work within you. You are never asked to do what you are unable to do. Many of you are being "shifted" gently into a new phase or sequence involving what is the closest to you. You're relationships. Work. Geography. 

Minute by minute you will be guided in you're life by how peaceful you feel. You  may have other's telling you what they believe you should do but you'll know by how you "feel" in you're spirit if this is God speaking through them to you or their ego speaking through them. 

Think of how gentle and soothing the presence of the divine is. Do you feel this when you're around certain people? 

God's voice is the voice of Peace. It's rarely shouts. These simple guidelines will help you're mind and spirit to awaken to the ONLY voice you need to hear.

Be Inspired! Be Blessed!

Thursday, August 3, 2017


The past couple days I've been very tired. Quite unlike me. In fact yesterday I slept almost twelve hours followed by an hour of prayerful meditation. The thing is, the energies at this time are intensely shifting not just energetically but inwardly they are purging wounds from our soul and pushing them up to the surface.

Many of you will feel this emotionally. You may have dramatic shifts in you're mood especially if you have not grounded and centered you're self at the begining of you're day with prayer, meditation or taking time in nature to commune with our source creator, God, Divine Spirit.

I took a walk to do some filming for my Youtube channel and found my mind opens up more to spirit when I am outside. If you can step outside at some point in you're day to allow the wind to breathe into you, you will feel the spirit of god surround you. It just is, as nature is gods creation, just as you are.

So, here are a few notes from my journal I had written some time ago I want to share with you.

BE selfish enough to stay inside you're vortex or (centered with god) and don't make ANY decision until you're in it!

LEAVE the responses of other's out of the equation of you're life, if they don't understand you they are not on you're frequency. Continue to move forward.

STOP explaining yourself to people who do not understand you. It's a waste of you're precious time and energy you can use to fulfill you're divine mission here. The infinite source creator who created you know's every detail of who you are, what you're accomplishing and where you're heart is.

GET into alignment (or stay in you're own lane and move forward). If someone doesn't support who you are now, they likely won't support you later when you're manifesting much more.

BETTER results do not happen by repeating the same thing. Focus on you're GOAL, not the moment. Focusing on the moment keeps you right here, in the moment. Moving forward requires you to look ahead.

God source creator intervenes in subtle ways at times through what we've journaled previously. Sometimes when you receive messages and write them down you will see a significance later down the road, many times so you will see how you're miracles have been orchestrated in perfect and divine timing.

My notes as well as my life in the past four years have shown me God our creator has held to the promises he's given.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Are you Crazy-in-love with him or her? Are you lured into a spell of another you can't seem to shake off?

If so, you'll love to read this book. 

Crazy love. Wonder why you're in it? Why the Push / Pull attachment is enticing? Have you left physically but mentally you're still thinking about them?

Many of you are in a relationship that pulls you're internal triggers. It's a love/hate thing.

This story is Fiction. None of the characters are real, and then again it may relate to you're own crazy-in-love experience.

Laughter is the best medicine so laugh, be drawn into what the messages convey.  Learn more about the hidden reason for "crazy love."

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I imagine hiking through a wilderness trail and being scratched, bruised and tripping over rocks, sometimes mud and if you're in the right place a dangling snake. Just when the trail opens up it starts to pour warm rain.

In times like this you can complain or you can be grateful the rain is warm and strip off you're clothes and let it bathe you in heavens elixier. 

Life is a journey. It's going to be much better if you're perspective is on the upbeat, positive side and things will transpire in that fashion as well. In my own life, there have been Many many times I could have given up on my dreams. 

I am a healthy risk taker as you can read in the link above.My life is quite comfortable at times which I am magnamously grateful. Other times I question if God and his angel armies have my back as they say they do. 

In the nic of time miracles appear, not when "I" decide they should happen, but when our Infinite Creator does. 

Like me, you may experience great difficulty at times. We sometimes wonder why. This is why. The most difficult times pave a way for the greatest miracles to occur.

We are here to learn to trust when things seem impossible. It's usually around relationships or finances. 

One of the precepts I learned early in my life and practice is this: You reap what you sow and the greater you sow the greater harvest you reap". 

What this means is it's God that provides for us. We think our paycheck comes from our business or employer but the "energy of abundance" filters from our infinitely abundant source creator through their hands and into our hands. 

Part of what you receive is to support a cause, a person or a random act of kindess. I am provided for many times miraculously because a portion of what I receive is designated as an act of faith to be given as divinely instructed.

Regardless of how little I may have I will give to others. Doing this will change your life and have the ability to increase your capacity to give more and more as you receive more.

You may leave random money in the path of someone who needs it or donate some of you're belongings. 

Give something to others while you still love it. If you cannot give money, this is the next best thing, give up something that's difficult to let go of like you're favorite gemstone ring or that $100 bill in you're wallet.

This also falls in line with backing away from a situation you feel attached to. Allow God to intervene on you're behalf. The outcome will be the best for all.

The universe, God, creator, Jesus... however you label this infinite divine source, you may learn in time that you're purpose is in front of you.

Just like the twisted trail ahead may have thorns as well as rain to wash the wounds clean, it will be more peaceful if you trust the path you're on and see situations and events as teachers. 

Part of this journey requires patience, trust, faith and hope. 

I've learned through how I chose to live my life is that of freedom and space creates many times uncertainty. I know what my dreams are and what my divine mission or purpose is. I don't have the time to feel too sorry for myself but instead I will dive into the projects that are connected to my purpose, one which is "writing". 

There is something for you to do. It might be through creating or hiking or connecting with others that you feel the presence of you're angel allies giving you peace. You can ask for motivation and it will be there. 

Be you're best and forgive yourself if you slipped. Today is another day to get it right. Don't hold on to the past, move forward. You are forgiven, forgive others and forgive yourself. 

One of the hinderances to our peace is guilt over something stupid we said or did. Other people may try to keep you stuck in the past by bringing it up. Walk away from people who do this attempting to guilt you into staying stuck and not taking the high road. 

Don't look back, look up and forward. Keep you're positive vision in the forefront of your mind and as if you're driving a car you'll move towards you're destiny. You cannot drive forward looking down, you'll crash. Why do it on you're sacred journey through life?

There will be times that look tough, hurdles to jump or mountains to climb as well as valleys. Perception will take you where you want to go faster than you can imagine if you're viewing you're path with you're goal or purpose waiting for you. On the contrary, it can take you just as quickly into a region that holds you back if you chose. You have a choice.

Keep in mind, the closer you are to you're goal, vision or destiny, the more you may come against offense. You're positive light turns brighter and illuminates the dark. People may do their best to negate you, dissuade you or talk about you in a negative way. The best thing to do is Ignore and do not allow what other's think to take a position in you're mind. Forgive them and send them love and you're own life will be blessed.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Thank you for being here. I appreciate all of you who read my blogs and I know at times you are reaching out for a message, an answer from God, the universe or the creator to show you the way. 

I am asking for you to trust in the same power that perfectly created the beauty you see around you. When I need inspiration I will look closely at the intricacies of nature, or a tiny flower and notice the perfection of color, shape and amazing beauty.

Matthew 6:30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field which today is and tomorrow whithers, so how much more will he clothe you who have so little faith?

July is truly a magical month of intensity. The energies are adorned with the elements or tools of inner strength, power and if you trust that there is a divine reason you woke up today, then you are being guided, you have a purpose that still needs to be fulfilled. It is a divine purpose.

We think our purpose may be great and for some of you this world will recognize your greatness that will reach millions of others. But for many of you, you're greatness lies in the smaller elements of wisdom and how it is you use this radiance to heal a wounded heart with kindness or extend forgiveness to someone who did you wrong or intentionally misused their power to strike out at you.

In this life, you may rest assured there will seem injustice. You cannot make a choice for another or how they think, feel or behave. 

It is a waste of energy to convince another of your position because most likely if they wish to be right and make you wrong,  no amount of convincing will change their mind. 

Here, understand you are in their presence not to change their mind but to learn to accept, forgive, understand and most of all above anything else to LOVE other's who may have hurt you.

When you can release other's to the presence of the divine and wish them well regardless of what the situtation is, you win. 

Let the other person be right even if you think they are wrong.

War's start because we want to prove our rightness but the truth is, you're rightness is based on you're own experiences and history and you are right to feel as you wish. 

Allow other's to win and you will win too.

Becoming a bright light to just one person may have taken you a lifetime to acheive, but that one person may take that light and change the world.

July may place a beautiful butterfly in the palm of you're hand. Go ahead, tell it what you need from God or the universe then let it go. You're miracle is not so far away.

Blessings and Peace,

Thursday, May 18, 2017


You can't stop thinking or daydreaming about paradise can you? I know the feeling all too well. But instead of just dreaming about it, I make the move and if you're contemplating a move the energies until September are optimally at peak to do so.

If you've followed me long enough you get the vibe I'm powerfully influenced by the "spirit of wanderlust", and yes I consider this part of my soulful purpose.

It has been said, "t is better to try and to fail than to never have tried at all." Isn't it true? If you try and fail then you have experienced one more opportunity to succeed. This is how I see it and if you should too especially if fear is holding you back from aspiring to the life you dream of.

If you make it you're goal and focus you're actions and intentions in the direction of you're dreams, just watch how the universe conspires to bring things, people and situations into "alignment" to bring this goal to fruition.

"Take it from someone who knows, not someone who doesn't." I was fortunate to have some wise souls toss helpful advice my way and a few in particular supported my ongoing desire for geographical re-locating.

You may not have all the tools right now to take this journey but they will come together in perfect timing. The thing to remember is do not "force" things to happen. As you "allow" the rhythm of you're intentions and actions to flow as they will, then you will be delighted at the outcome as the pieces come together many times more perfectly than you could have orchestrated yourself.

Keep in mind, you're "desire" to be somewhere else is most likely you're inner muse giving you the nudge. But why? Because you have another adventure awaiting that may not be possible where you currently are.

Moving to another geography whether just at the other side of town or the other side of the globe will change you're life. But let me go further than that. It will Reinvent you giving you the tools to live you're true self and most likely allow you to feel more at Purpose to help you trust you're inner navigator.

Geography has been my passion as long as I can remember. As a child I could spend hours spinning the globe imagining living in various places, experiencing diverse cultures, etc.

There is a sense of freedom being in a foreign place not to mention many times finding you're "vortex" and having to search and explore a new region for it's treasures. People in all places will come to you're rescue in a new place just as curious about you as you are them.

You're experiences will not be the same ever again, they will be different and so will you. Geographical "resonance" is where you will become a greater version of you as you enter this vortex or place of resonance. Many times you will fine you're soul's purpose along with Success, Love and Adventure will meet you where it may have evaded you before you're move.

In my book "The Cypress Path" I have written about many of my experiences and because of my passion for geographical wandering I have filled my soul and learned how spirit works in Synchronicity and learned to trust my intuition. 

One of the things I learned is that when you are in a new and unfamiliar place real "Magic" begins to ensue. Miracles happen when you are out of you're comfort zone and the unexpected comes to you're door.

Don't fear the guidance you receive to embrace you're dreams. It's just a step away from taking you there.

Thank you for being here. 
Bon Voyage, London

Monday, April 10, 2017


Is there something you want or need? Sure, there always is something more. It's the nature of existence. All of existence including you and I are in "process of evolution", and it never stops. We are in a never ending cycle of birth, life PLUS rejuvenation, and death. 

When ever I need something I remember my avocado tree. I cultivated a seed and now I have three avocado trees. To me, this represents three miracles that mirror YOU and I. 


I almost gave up on my first seed. Nothing happened for three months until I moved the seed into a martini glass so the roots had room to emerge from the bottom. THEN at last it began to grow because I was "patient" and gave it "space". 

This is very much how you and I are in Synch with the nature of the entire universe. There is no proof of our future, nor is there proof our efforts will work as we wish them to. 

Part of Manifesting what you want is to ASK for what you desire

Then put Action to that desire. From this point Surrender, this is the space in which you allow nature and cosmic intelligence to work in you're favor. Also the time many of us give up.

Remember how when you finally threw up your hands and surrendered a relationship because you were done? Then suddenly they came running, no, Racing back to you? This is the natures Space in which room has been allowed for Magic to take place.

Every microscopic element in this universe is Pure Divine Magic. Think about how evolution occurs with no effort or even thought, it still miraculously creates and not only that, it creates infinitely perfect and in perfect time and order.

Not even our perception of Chaos is out of order. It is only the limitations our minds place on divine order. If you asked for change but were afraid to make the move Kali or Pele' can help you with that but it might be abrupt. 

If things don't happen NOW or as we "think" they should, relax, it's okay. It's not suppose to happen just yet. Patience is paying off in big sums of money or what money can buy but for many of you, you'll have what you need so don't worry.

This week April 10th you will begin to see you're small miracles begin to emerge. The way this magic works is to offer space by allowing yourself to relax, step away from trying to make things happen while taking the action steps you Can take, and allow this magic to come forth.

You should begin to see some activity you've been hoping for ... or better. And so it is, it is so!

Put your desire out to the world in a way that is comfortable to you. This is you're truth, speak it, write it or send it telepathically. It will be received when you send it off with love and faith.

You are heard by sound frequency. I've written about this in Sound Healing. 

Now onto you're magical MAY Psychic Angelic Preview of whats to come for you.

Health comes into the light for you Aquarius. Get in shape but focus on you're inward state of Mind and Body. Beauty and health is vibrant and lasting through simplicity not extreme methods. Simplicity governs radiance and light in all of life. Start with green foods and investigate vegan lifestyles. As you do, your mind will lift you up and you'll see what you've thought was lost.

Dance like no one is watching. NOW finally you will feel like it. Is the theme on body awareness? My guides say the body is the Temple of the Divine. But who's divine? YOU are Aries. OMG and how. You can bust a move with grace. Perhaps all this activity is also Manifesting you're highest calling.

Change it up. Yin Yang. Do something Opposite if you can. I see double or maybe it's two of you in different uniforms. One of you is playful the other is a saint. It's about time we discovered saints can be playful and Healing to be around. For too long we've just been too serious but you dearest Pisces have a way of showing us the Light and how to finally be Free. Thank you thank you thank you.

No one knows the true heart of a Taurus but another Taurus and even then you're depth stretches up over and around the earth faster than light. You can see into Everything with ease and still be quiet about it. WHY? Patience. This is you're strength and also what you take to the bank. Success for you is a process yes, but even the slightest motion to you is a miracle. Just for you Taurus, I've plucked the biggest Star from the sky and given it to you. Blessings are falling upon you dear one.

Sail on silver bird. Who said that? I think it's a song but I see a jet overhead that's going to land soon at Martha's Vineyard and then fly off to someplace romantic yet again. I'm writing this ahead of time and hope you'll see this but in case you don't you can look back so I can say "I told ya so". If you want it you can have it. Need I say more?

Someone emailed me a dream. Now hold on for a moment. I've had three dreams in two weeks that linked me to the email and then I visited someone I was Lead to visit. I followed my intuition and they had an unexpected angelic message for me. In fact, they said "I don't know why I even said that!" But guess what, I DID! It was a confirmation of how real our dreams are. They are called angelic guidance through premonition. Yes indeed. Messages are crystal clear now. Stop poo pooing them and say Thank you to the Universe for the insight. 

Turmeric is a magic potion. So is Spirulina. I use both and being vegan I am never ill. I take sea salt baths and use coconut oil. I heard you're trying to raise you're consciousness to HEAR clairvoyantly. Water is a conductor and I would say drink more pure water and immerse yourself in the ocean if you can. 

Learn to surround yourself with the abundance of being connected to the earth however you can. The energy of being in nature is a magical way to become receptive to the divine. It reconnects our busy lives to what is truly important.

You've morphed from the cocoon into a butterfly and suddenly you are free. Someone tried to hold you back but you came out of hiding and now you can blossom into the beautiful creature and create the life you wish. Sometimes forgiveness is the key to the Castle. I see you have the keys. Please invite me for tea and tell me all about it. In fact, I believe you will be placed in the spotlight in May and a radiant light shines on you. Blessings.

Archangel Gabriel gives us signs in various forms. Gabriel is a Messenger of birth. New birth is happening for you from now through May. Conception. Blossoming. Lily pads. Music. 

There is a symphony surrounding you of energy you will feel throughout your body. Its frequency of the divine and perhaps Divine Initiation (described in my book The Cypress Path). Gabriel appears I know the bud is becoming a flower and gentle bees are gathering nectar. This is the miracle of being alive! So it is.

Swimming with the dolphins? Hawaii. Tropical Island. Green drinks and pineapple. Wow. Sunshine and Azure. I think you may begin enjoying some travel and relaxation. Did you know this can open up the aura to infinite possibilities including abundance? You don't have to travel that far if you don't want to but if you check things out or do some investigation I think you'll be surprised at what you thought was not possible is so EASY!

Breathe in three long breaths and out five short ones. It takes focus. This focus also is where you can be without trying so hard. Rest you're body and mind. It's the LOVE month so enjoy the natural world and breathe in whatever you see that you wish for. The breath allows us to be receptive to divine intelligence. There is something for you to absorb yourself in. It could be a genuine hug from a total stranger. They too are the divine.

Oodles and oodles of love Sag. Party like it's 1999? Wait a minute. What happened in 1999. I think you're thinking back to the past. Reflecting on a good time baby. 

Do you know the message here? 1- 999 = (1) & (27 = "8") Wow. Now you see what I see. The Magician. In the Tarot the Magician is a "I" and he has an Infinity sign above his head. The "8" here represents Infinity and infinite possibilities. I believe I sent you back to reflect on just how unlimited you are TODAY. Focus on what you truly desire because it looks to me as if it's on the way.

Blessings and Peace,

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Take a healthy leap into you're new life and begin loving each and every day! Now is the time to take action towards you're dreams and goals.

Many important and popular concerns you've asked me about regarding MONEY, KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS and YOUR LIFE PURPOSE, how to understand and work with them.

You will learn how to deal with Negative People, taking Healthy Risks and most importantly How to Navigate Your Life in this New and Changing Paradigm of 2017 forward.

What about just as life gets good it just as suddenly takes a U turn and why. Why you feel alone and How to Know and Connect with you're Guides and Angels. The most important one of all is... How to Trust Yourself.

You'll find this book to be not just a tool but a guide for Inspiration and Positive support.