Monday, May 14, 2018


I did NOT want to hear what God asked me to do. It wasn't logical and if I did what He asked I thought I would look like an idiot or that I had lost all sense.

At first I "feared" the instruction of God. It seemed too big for me, too risky. I came up with all kinds of reasons to back myself up including feeling trapped friends and family would agree with all my "logical" reasoning and confirm I was right and GOD was wrong.

God! You are just wrong wrong wrong!, I thought.

Ephesians 3:20 "Now to Him Who, by the power that is at work within us, is able to do super-abundantly, far over and above all that we ask or think beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes or dreams."

HE already told me to leave my full time employment! I "thought" that would be the last big things He would ask of me, but NO. Now He asked me to rely on HIM for my transportation and to sell my car.

Welcome to the "theme" of my life! 

Hearing God's instruction even if at first seems daunting always provides blessings.

God is good and His Words are truth but each of us must experience and walk the talk in order to fully comprehend. But even so, it is the Holy Spirit that confirms His truth as we act as He instructs.

Have you ever put God on hold, and turned up the music? I've been there many times.

It's easy to just do what everyone else does to not stand out or worse, experience rejection by those close to us who haven't heard a word from God on our behalf. It's unlikely they will either.

If God has chosen you for an assignment, He can turn down the music, cut the electricity or get a message to you another way. 

Mark 4:11 "And He said to them, To you has been entrusted the mystery of the kingdom of God [that is, the secret counsels of God which are hidden from the ungodly.]

The secret counsel resides in the Holy Spirit who reside in the Godly, empowering us to follow his guidance through His anointing.

Satan(demons, negativity, deceiver) isn't clever. His tools of deception sound appealing and not just that but deliciously enticing.

Genesis 3:1 "Can it really be that God said." Satan used doubt to tempt Eve to disbelieve what God instructed... then, she convinced Adam to do the same, then Adam "blamed" her for tempting him!

Doubt crosses our minds often because we live in a logical world. We are afraid of standing out in the crowd when we should embrace living as God has guided us.

Don't allow Fear to derail you from the amazing life God has set out before you. Embrace you're vision and move in that direction.

I Timothy 1:7 "For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love and of power and of a sound mind."

Love. Power. Sound Mind.

Matthew 11:29 " Take My yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for you're souls."


The voice of  GOD clearly instructs us toward a peaceful avenue of life and joy. 

It was a very big hurdle for me to give up some of my possessions and my security, but I have seen that He provides all His Word says He will.

Luke 6:38 "Give, and gifts will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over."

He tells us good things happen when we GIVE. "Giving away" time, money, things, and giving of our entire Self to God.

This year God is asking many of us how Serious we are about following Him. 

I enjoy sharing how God has intervened in my life and hope you are encouraged by these stories. 

He has taken care of me in way's that amaze me every day because I live outside my comfort zone I have learned to surrender my "everything" to Him. 

Miraculous things happen when we can trust The ONE Who is truly in command. It's not me, you or the government, it is God.

I have learned much about God's ways when it seems there"s NO way". 

We find ourselves in great predicaments so God can show up unmistaken through His miracles and the people He uses through Him for us. 

It's easy to forget the entirety of our Purpose is to turn our attention to God in all ways. He guides us on a path that is the best for us to have what we ultimately are always searching for anyway....fulfillment and Love. 

God Anoints us to do His work. His Work feels right and His Holy Spirit "through" us gives us grace to do anything He asks of us. He appoints us and our appointment is at the perfect time, right on time.

God's Anointing in us can change as He guides us from one assignment to another. 

If the work you've been doing is no longer anointed, you will be moved to something new. This can happen through relationship, work, relocation or anything God empowers you with the grace to do.

I too feel this New assignment on the way since February 19, 2018. He is navigating my life in a New way for a New purpose. 

He may direct you to part with something as He has with me. You're new assignment may not require the tools you needed for the previous one, in which case may become a hinderance.

Don't be afraid to move on or let go of things. Ask for His "anointing" power and the Holy Spirt to help you.

Isaiah 61:1 "THE SPIRIT of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has appointed and qualified me..."

We are under the anointed power of God who is the Ultimate qualifier. He is the author and the finisher. He begins in and through us and finishes in and through us. 

God's ways are not our ways, they are better.

Isaiah 55:8 "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord."

We can be assured of God's instruction. He has a plan and a purpose that guides us in peace towards blessings and through joy. 

John 14:2 "In My Father's house there are many dwelling places. If it were not so, I would have told you."

Isaiah 40:31"But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift up their wings and mount up as eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint or become tired."

Thursday, May 10, 2018


                                                                                                                                          Christine Caine, Founder of A 21                

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Someone has hurt you. Right? We all have been  disappointed or betrayed in some way or another. This is a big hurdle to get over but you can "get through" and be Unstoppable.

Keep reading.

If you have been reading my blogs this far, thank you! If so, you may know I am on a journey of Trust. You and I are not so different regardless of our culture or geography. We have been blessed with a unique assignment from God but one thing can get in the way...

...Trust. To have "complete"faith in God, not just partially when we're desperate, but to live, breathe and desire God's will for us rather than our will.

God's way's are not our ways, his are much better. We can mess things up in a split second by allowing our emotional triggers to be in control. 

If that sounds familiar. STOP and ask God for help.

This is not a popular subject I know so if you don't think you have a divine assignment then you are free to go. Perhaps you're not ready to fully Trust that God knows the course of you're days.

Matthew 6:26 "Look at the birds of the air. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns, and yet you're heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"

"GOD, can you bring me lunch?"

Yes, I admit I ask for Lunch...often.

If you live in California or a large city or even if you don't, you know after you pay rent, etc. food is not a priority. 
I have lived this way most of my adult life... but, what I now realize is every time I have asked God for lunch he has delivered.

God cares about small things and here's a BONUS. If we are grateful for the small things he brings on the big things.

I know now that  LUNCH will be not just a sandwich, it will be elaborate. 

God loves you in the ways he sends other's to care for you!!

It isn't luck or coincidence, I am blessed and provided for and so are you!

What do I mean? Well, we all face difficulty. I enjoy promoting positivity and encouragement the most, but I want to also talk about HOW to deal with the obvious discomforts that arise for all of us and to remain positive.

We can control our emotions and be rock steadfast in trusting God's plan for us. 

I am learning this... one of the biggest tests in life is our emotional triggers but for today I only want to focus on "TRUST" issues.

Six years ago God gave me my first BIG assignment. I felt guided to leave my full-time position along with the security.

Now, IF I knew ahead of time what would transpire from then until now I'm quite certain I would have Ignored God, turned up the noise in my life so I couldn't hear and continued to live like a mouse on the wheel.

I'm glad now I listened. Tests are not always fun but the peace is often accompanied by miracles. 

I wish his Assignment involved owning a Jaguar and you might wish something similar too.

However, by the time you're ready to receive the Jag something will have changed within you're heart and soul enough to want God's will more than you want the sporty car. 

Often, we are in the midst of our divine assignment long before we realize God has been working out His plan in our hearts.

You might still get the Jag, but God changes us on a Heart-level to "want" to do his will and one thing to keep in mind is this...

..when he changes you, none of the "stuff" will matter. You will come to learn God is faithful and you can trust him in every situation.

What I'm learning now is God knows what he's doing. He has a wonderfully amazing plan for each of you..and me, and, it requires full commitment and faith. 

Faith is easy. If you're driving you're car to the store, you have faith you'll get there. Faith is envisioning a goal then believing in it enough to take action in that direction, even if people tell you it's impossible or you have no immediate proof you will see you're goal to the finish.

Over the past six years there have been moments my trust in God waivered if I allowed myself to be influenced by the opinions of others. Their energy would pull me down and before long I would feel anxious and upset.

I would ask God to show me a sign of his presence and guide me in the direction that was right.

What he did was remove me from trouble.  The "trouble" were the people who were bringing me down, gossiping and being unsupportive.

God can show up and confirm you're steps are "ordered" by removing you from situations or people who are being Used by Satan ( negativity) to keep you from doing what God wants you to do. 

Psalms 37:23 "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord; and he delighteth in his way".

Synchronicity is one way God confirms his presence. You couldn't have made something happen so perfectly. 

When you trust God, do good and follow his instruction, there may be great tests of faith and trust in following through without having anxiety. 

It is easy to over-think things and panic when you follow God's instructions that often times are not exactly "logical" or appear "irrational" but if you continually pray and ask for guidance God will provide amazingly what you need.

I have been living proof of that.

I am finding it much more rewarding to see that God provides all that I need usually very quickly or right on time. 

When I left my position six years ago, I knew only a fragment of what I was to do next. I felt complete peace though I did not know what next.

Day by day He shows us one step at a time, then the next. This too requires faith.

I was and still am being tested in compassion, finances and forgiveness. 

Like me, you may have been hanging onto the pain of the past and not even realize it's in you're spirit. The thing about that is, it's baggage you can let go of with God's help and feel like a great weight has lifted.

Ask for God's help each day when you awake. Trust he will guide you.

Again, let's say someone has hurt you. We all have been disappointed or betrayed in some way or another.

I pray often throughout the day, "YOUR WILL, NOT MINE, "I TRUST YOU". When I say this I feel God taking over as I hand the anxiety over to God. 

Don't TRY to do this, Do it!

God can take care of business far more effectively than I can. 

Another lesson I am learning which goes along with trying to control other people.

If someone triggers you're Trust issue, immediately surrender it to God before you are tempted to take things into you're own hands and really mess things up. 

Know you are not in charge of another's choices or destiny, God is. He is our mediator, advocate, comforter and protector. 

Psalms 55:22 "Cast you're burden upon the Lord and he will sustain you. He will never allow the righteous to be shaken."

Philippians 4:6 "Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanks giving, continue to make you're wants known to God."

Let God deal with the people in you're life on every level. 

I am learning to pray more for other's and especially BLESS everyone who crosses my path and that includes people who are not so kind. 

It's important to remember just as God uses other's to bless us, the Biblical scripture say's this:

Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against ruler of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

We have to understand just as God uses people for good, Satan's (demons or demonic) army uses people in attempt to derail us from God's purpose. 

Anytime you are in the presence of another, talking on the phone or watching Youtube videos or reading something that pulls you're energy level down, that is a negative (demonic) attack.

Don't be deceived. Immediately avoid the interaction or activity.

Yes, I focus on the positive but I also am continually in prayer and communion with God to strengthen my gut feelings or intuition in order to identify the type of "spirit" is presenting itself to me through another person.

Positive and negative spirits use people. Another reason to hold on to and claim the Power of God as Children of God and not let go.

It's important to see with spiritual eyes and to pay attention to that gut feeling you have in all you're activity. 

This is the gentle voice of God that will guide you with peace towards peace.

Monday, March 12, 2018


I just returned from a long walk which inspired me to write this. It was as if God was showing me once again how my life, and your's is not just one gorgeous pearl, but forms a continuous string of valuable treasures. 

You may wonder how this is. 

Each pearl represents a miracle, a desire or a dream that seemed unattainable yet synchronistically came together in a way that you couldn't have made happen if you tried.

I will share a few of those pearls with you.

In my lifetime I have been blessed not just for what I received but for what I did Not receive. 

"If this is wrong, I don't want to be right". 

Daily, I have the opportunity to trust God to get me out of situations I prefer to change, to be at peace or maneuver me into something much better.

I ask BIG. 

I know by now if I desire a Castle I won't ask for a cabin but God may first give me the cabin in order to appreciate the bigger miracle, the Castle.

Paris My Love

 At 15, the cutest high school jock sat in front of me in typing class. For me, it was love at first sight. When he continued turning around and flirting with me I thought he was just being nice. I learned later he felt the same about me.

People see in us sometimes what we do not see in ourselves. Perhaps they see what God see's in us. 

From the inside, you're dreams can be felt by other's before they are realized by YOU!

You're secret dreams contain the Holy Spirit which carry you're energy to people who will help you realize them. Cherish this inspiration and encourage it the best that you can.

You're dreams are God's wishes for you to embrace because he has BIG Plans for YOU!

I grew up with big dreams. I wanted some of them so intensely I turned them into art. I painted pictures of what I envisioned them to look like.

Eventually every one of my painting entered my reality. To my surprise, they were better than I imagined.

If you can see it and believe it, you will achieve it!

God showed me this without encouragement from other's. I was a silent dreamer. In grade school I could sit through an entire class, see the teachers lips moving and be somewhere completely different in my mind.

When God gives you dreams, you can count on them happening... It just may not be the way you expect.

Most of the jobs I have acquired in my life were not because I polished my resume' or had many followers on Linked In. 

I doubt my resume' had much to do with being hired. 

When I have actually "tried" to get hired, I don't. When I'm not looking, I do.

Isn't that how it goes? When we "try" to make things happen, they don't. 

Like a cool forest stream that flows with ease, when we are just enjoying life and not thinking about it, things flow to us.

In fact, most of my employment opportunities have crossed my path when I wasn't looking or trying but by coincidence or divine orchestration. It was nothing I did to acquire them. 

I once went to the mall to shop and was approached by a lady who offered me a position way out of my league. I wasn't looking for this. It was looking for ME.

Another time I thought I might like a part-time position to fill in a tight budget when out of the blue I received a phone call, a wrong number from a company manger. She liked my voice and hired me on the spot.

God knows where we are, what we need and how to get us to the place to receive. 

One of my dream jobs arrived through a temporary position to last only three months. The second promotion turned into a third and this was the Charm. It turned out to be the dream job I painted several years earlier. 

Eight years later, I desired a sabbatical and painted a picture of what it might look like.

Guess what happened next? My dream sabbatical.

God doesn't care about you're resume or look at it. He looks at what's in you're heart and if you're following you're dreams. 

Those daydreams that occupy you're time are being followed by the God who placed them there. 

They are part of you're destined and purposeful path.

I write about some of these in my book "The Cypress Path". God gives us our dreams to show us he is the ultimate miracle worker. 

The Cypress Path

My life isn't always in alignment by what people expect of me. I begin and end my day by what I believe God wants me to do, say or act on.

What you or other's believe is the designated "right" way is often NOT God's plan. We cannot outdo or outguess God's map for us, but we can navigate our life towards a destination that "appeals" to us...

...enjoy the scenic route. Often the beauty of nature will raise our vibrational frequency just enough to be met with a lovely arrival... 

...Often, a miracle is waiting when we are not in a hurry.

He creates a unique way that is detailed and outlined just for YOU. This cannot be over-ruled by someone's objections, opinions or expectations of you.

In my working life-time, I have taken three sabbaticals. I live with the feeling that there is more to life than work. 

Now, many people live this way or off the grid. What is in you're heart may not be what is what most people do. As you can see, most people are not happy today. 

Being a "crowd follower or people pleaser" has it's price. Depression and illness. Our spirit is here to soar through living inspired and create a life we LOVE.

Spend time in nature. 

Take time away from technology and immerse you're spirit in feeling the wind and wake up to the sunrise and breathe in God's beautiful sunsets.

Take a day to not speak. Listen instead to the sounds of nature. Herein is the stirring of the spirit, the presence of angels.. 

When I left my last position several years ago I was guided to do this. However, because some of the people closest to me were not on that same frequency of receptivity to the plan of God in my life, I received intense criticism.

In my heart, I knew I was in alignment with my purpose so I focused on my dreams. I understood God did not place my dreams in them, he placed them within me. 

It was MY vision and God's plan for me, not theirs.

If God gives you a dream, it may not be what other's see in you. God See's greatness in you. Other's may not see greatness in you if they do not see greatness in themselves. Do not settle for mediocrity. 

God will place you in the best place to accomplish what he has assigned for you to get the job done.

When you have a dream, it is there so you and other's can observe miracles. Many times our dreams appear so distant so that God will surprise people by what you will accomplish.

YOUR dreams are placed there by GOD.

Though Jesus was the son of God who performed miracles, he had to leave his hometown and hide away until the designated time to become public.

You too are a child of God, with the ability to fulfill you're destiny.

People who know you may think you're dreams are not YOU. You like Jesus, may be guided to another city, state or country in order to see you're dreams to fruition.

You're reality may not meet the expectations of others, but if you continue to follow you're heart, you will exceed what other's thought was possible.

I have the spirit of a wanderer and also the spirit of wealth which seem contrary perhaps and yet they both feel in alignment with my purpose.

You may have many desires and inclination within you, there to add another pearl of experience as proof that you are on track and in alignment with you're divine purpose.

Each pearl of experience leaves it's essence of interest that leads or compels you onto finding the next pearl.

It's important to honor you're dreams, they are giving you experience and teaching you to trust God who has placed them within you to fulfill you're divine assignment.

Some may feel you're  lifestyle choices are wrong, but to you feel in you're heart, so right. 

It was 2012 when I left my position. I knew God was in charge and I didn't know where I would live or the details. 

When God leads you to make big decision, they may not appear the most rational. 

I not only resigned, I donated All my belongings. All I had left was what would fit in the trunk of my car.

Now I was open to receive what God wanted for me. In a week I was offered a paid position in a multimillion dollar home by the sea.


This miracle landed more just like it... because I was available and open to hear from God.

God rewards us when we follow his direction, even if it makes no sense. God works in unusual ways. He does not give us details or the full map ahead. This is where "trust" in what we do not know or see is headed for a miracle.

God's way's are not our ways and that is one of the biggest hurdles to step up to. You're actions may not be what the majority is doing or the typical "protocol" to follow. 

God's will for you always embodies you're dreams. 

Getting to you're dreams will twist and wind down paths that may be daunting at times and appear wrong to those observing you.

When you know you are being guided and directed by the One who created this universe, you will find joy and true peace.  

Isaiah 40:32 "But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint."

Friday, March 2, 2018


I turn the key and my car's dashboard indicator lights up "Ready For Takeoff". I programmed it to say this because I'm always ready for travel. It reminds me I am on a mission of discovery. 

Discovering is breath to my soul when I have space to think and "listen" to where I am to look for my next treasure... my next miracle.

At the core I am a nomad. There is no place I feel at home except when I am writing, teaching, creating art or surrounded by nature. This is when I feel "connected" to my calling and one with God.

I speak to many people who feel stuck where they are.  They will tell me they feel trapped. We all know a "trap" is defined by our perception of pain and discomfort and yet this discomfort can become "comfortable."

Pink Floyd's lyrics "Comfortably Numb" read:

"I can't explain, you would not understand
This is not how I am,
I have become comfortably numb."

He remembered pain of the past but recognized this was not his destination, it was a passing memory and moment. It didn't define where he was going.

Not long ago on a trip, my flight was lay over in San Francisco. It felt I had been flying forever, I was tired and anxious. I was in a hurry to get to where I was going. I assumed the flight would be on-time but in San Francisco there was " sudden inclement weather" preventing planes from taking off.

I was stressing at this point. Traveling alone is normal for me. I enjoy travel solo. A few very cheerful travelers sat down and shared stories about their lives I would have never heard perhaps had there not been a delay.They were refreshing to listen to. 

San Francisco International Airport is one of the best places to be delayed. I exchanged nods, smiles and food with travelers from China, Japan, Ireland and New York.

This one delay provided me with the adventure of meeting foreigners without leaving the country. We exchanged heartfelt gratitude through food and communion that enriched my spirit.

Just the night before while packing my bags another miracle was waiting for me. 

Now, here I was waiting...waiting... and waiting, hoping and Ready For Takeoff."

Sometimes you will never be told you're presence was needed. You may be there to listen just as I was at the airport. 

There are no delays by accident. They are divine orchestration.

Taking off and landing are my favorite part of the flight even in smaller aircraft my heart zooms into that Over Joy. I will get an ache in my neck because I will look out the window the entire trip. 

There may be clouds here and there, but this sky-view tell me where I am is temporary.

The sky represents joy. It is a choice, a middle space that separates us from everyday life. It is also a mindset. 

It's all perspective. You have to shift you're mind into hope and envision where you are going in order to get there.

Arriving at a new place is never clear to me. This is the place we settle, get a hotel, unpack and then....??? Eat, explore, discover and also where the excitement wanes. Finding a market, directions to a new place, etc.

Where ever you go, there you are. You still have You to lug around. 

This is the Layover of life. It's also many times the mercy of God who brings inclement weather to ground us to "protect" us from bad timing.

My car indicator still lights up when I turn the key, "Ready For Takeoff!" It's still ready for takeoff whenever I am but there is a reason I am not leaving just yet. 

Just like you, you may be ready to leave and it isn't happening. A delay is not always within our control. Something blocked or stopped you from that trip. 

Take that as a clue you are being guided and watched over. Perhaps a small miracle you cannot see is happening to bring the desired outcome into play.

Many times we are detoured, delayed to protect us from disaster. 

There are no mistakes or coincidences. If things are not moving fast enough or there is a delay in the process, this is a divine delay to protect us or prepare us to take a better flight.

The waiting gives us a pause to take time away from normal activity. 

It is a time to relish and observe the surroundings, conversations, food, and mostly these people or YOU are crossing paths that may never have crossed.

You may discover a new friend, a new love or meet a mentor. 
After all, during a layover we are all for once without label or status. We are all the same just making our way, waiting for our destiny.

How Serious are you about going towards your'e divine destination? God doesn't give you the dream unless you are willing to accept it.

If you never boarded the plane or packed you're bags God wouldn't have to stopped you. 

Now that he stopped you, you can listen to further instruction from God. Use you're intuition and prayer to map out you're next steps. 

When God see's you're serious because you have taken "action", things will begin moving, whether you see it or not. This is called "faith" and trust in unseen work that is happening behind the scenes.

In my lifetime, I know this to be true of miracles. When things seem impossible this is when miracles occur. 

Even if you are not on a travel journey at this time, you may feel a pause or you're situation feels unbearable. It's uncomfortable... this discomfort, it is not who I am...or indicative of where I am headed.

The truth is, you are surrounded by angels. They are protecting and providing what you need right now, before you get in that car or on that plane to you're destiny.

Outside right now there is unusual inclement weather. It's a blizzard, ice and snow are not suppose to happen here. Easily, I can feel trapped but instead, I pull on boots and warm clothes, go outside and say Thank You God For Blessing ME, You Know What You're Purpose Is For Me.

My past experiences have shown me trust in God's choices for me. His ways are not my ways. I do not always want to be where I am or enjoy it, but God has a birds-eye view of my life. I surrender the situation to him and I trust with entirety I am where I am meant to be.

So where are you going in such a hurry? Drive instead of fly. Take the scenic route, it is often times the best one.

Yes, it will be slower, but it may also be more rewarding and fill you're soul with sweetness. Take small walks on trails, hear the birds sing and the wind rustle through leaves.

Yes, we want to feel as if we are going somewhere but there is excitement of knowing this moment is where you have been divinely placed. 

As I said before, you're on God's radar. He will light the steps before you. He knows where you are and where you are headed.

A dream is calling you, just like me. When you trust you're dreams and act on them such as  clearing a closet for a friend, or packing you're bags or raising you're frequency of self acceptance so you're soul mate will recognize you. It shows God you're not just all talk, YOU are Serious. 

The Cypress Path, In Frequency WIth Magic And Angels

Much will take place behind the scenes that we will not be aware of. It may seem quiet, lonely or disappointing for a minute but it will change.

I write about many miracles in my books. Miracles happen in my life Daily because I ask for them...and I need them! You must "look for miracles" with expectation in order to attract them into you're life.

If you expect a miracle, start looking for it to show up! If you don't believe a miracle will show up for you then you are right. Why not suspend disbelieving in the miracles all around you. 

It was a miracle to fly a plane until Howard Hughes built the first plane. He crashed 17 times and still lived, now that was a miracle!

Delay is a Layover, not a destination. Delay is "time" you wouldn't normally have to investigate answers.

 Ask God why you are here and make the best of this "divine" pause with a cheerful attitude. Use this time wisely, it is a blessing in disguise.

In all my travels I can say many times the destination is a let-down. I have actually cried in sadness as I reached a destination I dreamed of. 

It's true. Now I understand for me it's the "planning" that is exciting. Planning for the vacation, the wedding or the honeymoon, the trek. 

When you get to where you are headed, real life happens. It's not fantasy anymore. 

Make the most of every minute. If you have another day here that means you're in alignment for a miracle to happen.

But life is what you make it where ever you go. Experience shapes you but then you shape you're life from how you Perceive you're experiences.

You travel with you where ever the destination takes you. Be cheerful with You on this layover of life. 

There may be someone who needs you're cheerfulness in their presence. You're layover may become a miracle you were seeking or perhaps You are the miracle someone else is looking for.

The clouds will part and the sun will shine. Until then, live and expect the best of where you are right now. 

Get Ready For Takeoff and expect what appear's to be a delay is actually a miracle of God orchestrating a favorable flight on you're behalf.

Be Blessed!

Thank You for Supporting My Work! Be Blessed!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


My life has changed richly. I say "rich" because suddenly I feel rich. Not a bad feeling for someone with a very tight budget who teeter's between loving my comfy bed on one hand and dreaming of being an eternal nomad.

I have learned, it's not what I own that makes me happy. It's what I do NOT own that gives me life....freedom!

Recently I felt guided to make a couple small changes. These small changes were easy. Instantly I recognized how Grateful I am for the smallest things.

A couple years ago I had been teetering on the edge financially. Sound familiar? Of course it does. None of us feel financially secure and stable all of the time. Our employer can pull the rug out from under us anytime. In my estimation, it's not a cushy feeling.

The Cypress Path

My savings was diminishing and I was getting nervous. Like many of you I prayed for God's direction and trusted, as I always do for guidance. 

Miracles happen when we really need one which is why we find ourselves in Need of a miracle.

This is how we develop a "miracle portfolio". If you're an observer of all the Coincidences and Synchronicity in you're life, these are the hand of God intervening to let you know you're being watched over and guided.

I don't know about you, but I rather have a good feeling I'm being watched over when people are rude or worse, gossip behind my back. I don't focus on who's doing what but I know whatever they are doing cannot get in the way of my divine purpose. 

I don't answer to people about my life nor do I care. It's a waste of time and energy navigating or dodging people who are not on my frequency or in line with my purpose.

You shouldn't worry either. Stay in you're own lane and move forward. Don't bring attention to yourself either, it might be you're ego egging them on.

In other words, don't use you're gifts or power to be first. You may be last in line today but one day you may pass those who tried to pull you down. 

Don't worry, God has you're back.

What I've seen in my life is God and the angels guide us into situations where we will need a miracle.

In short, I was trusting my breakthrough was in the works. Not long after I received a call from an employer who not only paid my travel expenses, the job was a dream and more than I expected.

I believe my deep need for freedom is in alignment with my purpose to teach Trust in God our Divine protector. I've been in Many situations that require miracles and could document them throughout my life.

How other's treat you or think of you is not you're business. They will be taken care of as you continue to live richly immersed in you're divine calling even if it's the small acts of trust or kindness, being conscious and intentionally loving each day.

I live each day asking for guidance and go about doing what I feel is right for me and it stirs up some controversy. People don't have to like you to invest in you. If they are meant to support you're path, they won't have a choice. 

People are not in charge, God is. Period.

Many times, we find ourselves in situations of compromise. We are trained to believe it's the "employer" we want to impress to get the job or promotion. We try to one-up the other candidate to get the job. 

Depending on "people" rather than our Divine Creator, will leave us feeling depressed, helpless and anxious. 

The truth is, depending on people many times backfires. People are not naturally dependable. 

You know what I'm talking about if you've had plans with you're girlfriend and at the last minute she bails on you in favor of a hot date with Romeo. It's disheartening and disappointing.

The same thing when hoping to acquire a job or that promotion. 

What is meant to be your's will not be given to someone else. 

I've been blessed to be in the right place at the right time. It doesn't always "feel" that way however.

Many times I make plans that fall through. I feel as if time isn't moving fast enough or my trip is cancelled because of torrential weather conditions.

I believe there are no mistakes. If I take a trip when I don't feel peace about it, then I'm my own worst company. During these times I look into my Miracle Portfolio and remember how many times God rescued me from trouble.

Be at peace about you're decisions. They can look perfect "on the outside" and our eyes can deceive us.

Other times I'm not anywhere to be found but somehow I've gotten the job. I wrote in my book" The Cypress Path" how I got my dream apartment PLUS a new position on the same day because "I listened" to my intuition.

How? I was invited to a birthday party for someone I never met and really didn't want to go but I did. This small decision changed the direction of my life in a good way. Before that I could barely afford to eat but God created a miracle I didn't see coming.

Warning! Small changes in our daily health routine or activities may invite miracles. 

I have seen them in my life regularly.

I'm just like you. I have struggles and am faced with obstacles, tests of faith in God's plan for me but the past has created a picture of amazing breakthroughs in what were possibly the worst moments of my life.

Recently, I've had to say NO to some people. It's necessary to let people go who are energy saps. 

Imagine you're in a Hot Air Balloon looking to float free across the sky like a bird. You can't get too far if the balloon is still anchored to the ground. It will keep the balloon from flying.

It's the same with people who have no boundaries and are oblivious to you're polite suggestions.

Because the beginning of the day is the MOST IMPORTANT, I have a few rigid routines in place when I wake up. You can try this too.

1.) I Drink 8 oz. water. 

2. ) Then I Connect with God and my angels through prayer and a "walking meditation" before I connect with other's including phone or the emails.

3.) This offer's immense Clarity for guidance that cannot be replaced by watching Youtube or chatting with you're mate. Clarity is a result of you're own Direct communication with the Divine. This is where the true answers begin.

4.) The weather does not predict my happiness, it guides me inward or outward. When you experience the sun rising to start you're day you will feel changes in you're body, mind and spirit. The sun engages activity. The clouds and rain bring us inward. This is why these longitudes attract Intellectuals and Creatives to the Pacific Northwest. It's rainy, cloudy and green.

Many creatives and writers align with similar regions of France, England or Italy.

Try these changes, or make big changes and re-locate. Build up you're Miracle Portfolio and change what you can change. Allow what you cannot change to shape you're charactor.

I feel these changes in my "energy field" clearing the de brie. 

You may find it easier to break bad habits or addictions by committing to trust divine guidance upon waking and restructure the course of you're day.

Changes you make affect those around you. Make positive decisions and feel at peace. IF you cannot feel at peace, then wait.

What I have experienced throughout my life is this. Regardless of what other's around me do, say or think of me, by doing the right thing and living as a "divinely conscious" person with faith, I have been positioned in line for miracles created to promote my biggest dreams.

"This is the day...that the Lord has made...I will "rejoice" and be "glad" in it!"

If you keep this mantra in you're mind every day I promise it will change you're life.

Thank You For You're Support! Be Blessed.

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