Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I may have mentioned this before but many times nothing significant arises to write about and then it all comes to me, usually in the middle of the night. 

My guides will wake me and give me a list, a vision or even a story line that prompts me to take it here. At times I'm a bit overwhelmed at the information they provide.

This is one of those instances. The messages may resonate with only a few of you but I feel as if there are a great many of you across the world this may speak to.

Loneliness seems epidemic and I think for many of you who experience the feeling of "loneliness" you may even guilt yourself into believing you shouldn't feel this way. 

In fact, it may appear to other's and to yourself you should be happy, content or at peace. 

We are taught by society, spiritual teachers that if we do this ritual, repeat this chant, do this or that we will feel whole. Well, I have seen this to be different and as the energies of 2017 fade into the background, many of us will have epiphanies or awaken as if the blinders were just pulled from our eyes.

This is one of those times, and just the beginning of what you will come to know.

What my celestial allies revealed is this. 

It doesn't matter who you are, who you partner with, the great promotion you just got, the city or country you live in or even the big dream of your's on the horizon...even if you are living you're dream, you may still feel "lonely".

Loneliness is not the same as "missing" someone, something or being alone. It is not feeling sentimental or regretful. You can analyze the feeling in you're heart and label it loneliness but it may not be any of the like.

You may even continue to reach out to friends, family or lover's. You may switch partners often or binge date to feel something and still that emptiness remains.

Does this sound like you? And, do you feel guilty if you cannot suppress or fill the void inside? I hope this eases the emotional baggage within you to understand you are on higher ground than you thought.

Here are a couple scenarios I was shown that may describe you. 

Keep in mind we are "spirit".  Each of us have perhaps lived several lifetimes, or even live parallel lives at this moment. 

You can believe what feels right for you. Some of you are angels living here to guide other's or to show other's how divine energy flows unto us. You may likely also fit into the "lonely" community.

1.) You feel disconnected from you're family even though they may have offered you great love and emotional support. It will not matter.

2.) You're partner may seem perfect for you. You logically agree as do you're family and friends yet you feel the "call" of another deep in you're soul. You cannot explain it but you do.
It is not you're desire to leave. And, this "call" is not you're imagination.

3.) The culture you were born into including the geography doesn't resonate with you at all. You feel as if you're home is in a different country. You're friends or people closest to you are aware you embody another culture by you're tastes, mannerisms, preferences and interests.

4.) You have a gift or talent that came easily to you and through that talent or gift you feel so much joy. Words cannot describe the depth of love and belonging this gift or talent brings you. It's as if you get lost in another world embracing them. You feel intense energy and spirit when you partake in this gift or talent that may have appeared out of the blue. It may be the furthest thing from you're family values or culture.

5.) This time and space feels superficial to you, whereas a past century or more seems familiar.  You may have dreams of that time or when you are relaxed, fleeting moments of a past life appear in you're minds eye. Perhaps a vision, a scent or even a song or poem enters you're mind. You may have composed it, or you may discover it's connection to the past through another poet, artist, musician, writer.

6.) You may visit a country that calls to you and happen upon places that stop you in your tracks. You "know" you've been there before, but not in this life. You may have even had a vision of this place before you arrived. Premonition? Yes. You tapped into this prior, and you are right on track.

Many of us feel lonely or disconnected right now. It can be attributed to psychological wounds but in the scenarios indicated here there is something much different at work within us. 

We are in a time now of Higher Frequency be it fleeting or for some of you who do energy work, you will feel a deep sense of spirit connecting you into the stepping stones of miraculous terrain. Why? We have a deep soul connection or longing to be where we feel Home.

Home is where the Soul lives. This is where our "soul family" rejoins with us either in romantic relationships, partnerships, or fleeting moments where we just feel a resonance with the clerk at the market. Our soul never misleads us, it light's up our heart and we feel inspired, love.

Most of us feel an inward pull to go, to be, to embody and embrace something. We seek without realizing sometimes what we are seeking is so rational, influenced by what other's tell us and instead we have bypassed the subtle promptings, the inner knocking of our heart.

Loneliness is a feeling of being in a place, physically and emotionally that doesn't resonate with who we truly are. 

If you are feeling joyful when you think of, go to or participate in the voice of you're soul then you are on the radar, on the path you are being divinely guided to be on.

Why then are you here at this time? Why were you born into a family you feel has nothing in common with you? 

Many of you seek to relocate to that place in the world you dream of. You are not just a dreamer but in touch with the calling of you're soul. You are in touch with the divine voice only you may hear deep within. You are in charge of the dream bringing it into manifestation.

What if? When? How? Should I? Can I? You will have many questions that only you can answer. Sometimes the pull or the voice of you're soul so strong you will sacrifice everything to land on sacred ground. For you, it is indeed sacred. 

Don't give up on you're dreams. For you, this is Home.

BE Blessed Abundantly.

Friday, October 20, 2017


Have you lost motivation to complete projects? Are you pondering the future and yet feel as if you're going backwards rather than forward in you're plans? 

If so, you are not entirely alone. There's a bit of tension in the air, a tad too much interference and enough distractions to sidetrack us from beginning or completing that which may offer inspiration to carry us onward.

Energetically, it seems as if we've bypassed October while November is just waiting for the dust to settle. In a blink January will be handing us the key to our own office on the 31st floor before we're certain we are ready. So what the heck is going on?

There is a rainbow effect overshadowing the earth and it compels us to pause. We've crossed into the dark energies of the subconscious and this rainbow effect pulls us into our soul-spaces into the higher frequencies of a bow which illuminates our purpose.

You asked to know you're purpose so it's in effect right now. This arch of time is unlimited divine power coming to you as opportunity, clarity, help from other's. 

The embodiment of progress which you may notice in confidence as 1,2,3 or like sequences such as 1:23, 123 or 6's. I can't say how you may notice divine signs and synchronicity, that's unique to you but I can say during this time you will be driven to make some decisions that put you on track to a life and livelihood you've been dreaming of.

I know I know, if you're one to need the facts to uncover the treasures you might just ask God for proof and evidence. I do this every morning during my personal meditation and card reading and same thing enters my mind. I think to myself "don't bother telling people because no one will believe what you see". It's all good too. You can have the same if you make the time, set the place and open yourself to what God and you're spirit guides want you to know.

You asked to know or link with you're higher purpose, to feel abundant, to sink into joy and find the lasting love of comfort and resonance. 

Well, if you've been paying attention you can "see" now this universe is one of miracles, of unseen activity in unexpected places at unexpected times. Yet, it seems to me you did indeed expect divine interception or you wouldn't have seen the signs already before you.

As it feels we are being flung forward into our emotions we just don't understand what to do with what is rising up in us. On one hand there is a joyful some-kind-of feeling in our heart and we just don't know what to do, where to go or how to access it. On the other hand while we're feeling this soulful connection to God's delightful love other's are using us as a scapegoat for their angst, upsets and disappointments. Are you in the right place at the wrong time or at the wrong place at the right time?

Perhaps both. As I've mentioned in some previous blogs, this energetic frequency is a shift in awareness. We are conscious, sensitive, in love with needing to illuminate our heart through passion and have it ease on into our abode, our home and our daily activity. Who doesn't want that? We all want love, comfort, space, joy, freedom and things money can buy.

In a sense we can say this energetic rainbow buys us time in this no-time-or-space frequency, so complete what you need to complete by December because by the end of December you may be drawn into the powerful energy of Magical January, a delicious frequency of the The Magician, the power of 1, twice. 

So for now, finish or not, it won't matter too much except to you. In January the drumroll begins.... a gift of partnership, reflection, resonance, like-mindedness and personal power to change into the Emperor's clothes. Allow the divinity within you to embrace and embody what you truly love and desire.

Life may be structured as you like it. Do as you wish, it can only get better.

Be blessed as you walk in integrity and above all, Love.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


You've been seeing repeating number sequences lately, more than usual? You see 222, 333, 5555, and more often 11:11 on the clock. But why and what does this mean? 

Many of you have shared this with me wanting to know what it means for you. To some, it's similar to a foreign language and you haven't a clue what the messages are.

Well, it "is" definitely a language of angels. Why can't they just speak without having to de-code the meaning to simplify it? Good question. I too ask this and wonder why if God and his celestial team is speaking to us can it not be straightforward and in our own language.

Since the beginning of time we've investigated decrypting language codes in the Bible, Patangali Yoga Sutra's, the Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and even the Tarot. Why are we so curious about interpreting mysterious messages? 

If you notice a pattern through time you'll see investigating any of these mysteries have lead us to uncover treasures of our past. We are curious creators but are our creations that original? Our curious research takes us into archeological digs and some may spend a lifetime joyfully extracting and uncovering evidence or "truths" that have been hidden.

I could say this must bring great satisfaction to the finder of such treasures but my gut feeling tells me it would feel more like "bliss" uncovering what has been preserved for the one lucky person who may have devoted or sacrificed much for even the smallest artifact. How magnificent!

I can only imagine because though I've never yet had the privilege to experience an actual archeological investigation and the rewards of such. But like you, I have been on the receiving end of the "entry into" or "invitation" to the "divinely orchestrated" terrain of this angelic language.

When I first began noticing number sequences, at first I brushed it off. I had no experience with numerology or even an understanding of "energy" as I have written about in my book shown below.

First, I had to have enough "life" experiences to "appreciate" what was truly appearing in my presence. 

The numerological or "angelic language" first draw you in by sparking you're interest. Does it not ? First you notice them. When they continue to appear, you become curious. They don't stop so you "investigate". 

During you're day's more continue appearing, but more than that you begin to research and on you're research you uncover mysteries of divine nature. This is all "energy" or "spirit".

The more you absorb yourself in this divine research you are also retracing the past, embracing and embodying the spirit of God/source, the infinite power of divine LOVE.

It's all really about LOVE, nothing can be greater.

So the magnitude of you're success while investigating into these mysterious number's 222, 111, 555 or any sequence appearing into you're atmosphere is up to you but if you're like me, the joy and love you feel from the sender (divine) will draw you in and compel you to learn, to know what appears' Unknowable and this is where God becomes greater and more real in you're daily life. This is where you are the Receiver of the ultimate Giver and you're joy will be untainted by doubt.

Where there is love there is trust. Somehow in these number sequences you feel "trust", "hope", "watched over". You may feel you're not alone and it's true, you are not. You may not understand their meaning but you intuitively feel they are meant to guide you towards something, assist you or just offer comfort along the way.

Today I received many questions about 11:11 or the 1111 sequence especially. I had been pondering what to blog about and this was my cue because today "coincidentally" embody these numbers "1" which is the Magician, plus the Master number 11.

These together are indicative of beginning something and preparing you're physical, emotional and spiritual or "energetic" space for love. Love being that which you are drawn to, aspire to become, wish to build or manifest, create, generate.

It isn't a coincidence as I indicated for nothing in this universe is happenstance. It is in divine orchestration. There is no map to follow and yet a symphony of resonance or harmony, peace and joy. In this "space" forget so much about you're timeline and allow what fits, what flows and take the path most desirable to you "today" without worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will happen as a result of today so make you're space, terrain, garden and mind a sanctuary of Invitation for Magic, Music and Divine Love to enter. 


Thursday, September 7, 2017


Many of you about now are wishing to jump aboard the money train and free yourself from discouragement and disappointment. 

This new energy is not only affecting the planet with natural disaster but, shifting how we think about ourselves and our motives.  This is likened to a micro view and zooming into the regions of our soul without being so afraid of what is in there. 

We are reaching into higher Christ consciousness. 

In fact, this major turn of events synchronizes us into new terrain that will ease us into making up our minds once and for all.

Here, you are Unstoppable and that is what you wanted. 

Many of you didn't think you'd talk to God as much as you are right now. Good things happen when you do though. 

I'm asked to be a conduit for what God is saying to you and so very grateful but, in ALL cases, you can receive you're own messages directly from God source, creator without my help. 

It's not that I don't love to help you, it's just that I am moving away from doing "readings" and stretching my wings a bit.

In doing so, I was guided to write the next book for you to learn to do the same. I've included a Bonus chapter which will take you into the upcoming book "Spiritual Bootcamp/Healing From Narcissistic Abuse", which has been a major concern for  a great number of people.
In Manifestation  & Money, you'll lay the foundation that will transform you're life by using this new energy in ways you may not yet be aware of as we all wake up to what isn't working and take a different route. 

I'm excited to present this to you so you can be encouraged about you're purpose and work directly with God and the universal energies that "want" you to be happy and succeed in building a better life.

There are some "simple" components to raising you're energy and freeing yourself to a new level. We've passed September 5th so the path should become clearer as to what's ahead for you individually. 

MANIFESTATION & MONEY, Unblocking And Laying The Groundwork For Abundance To Happen.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


When something is blocked in you're life regardless of what it is, it is Divine Intervention on you're behalf. Did you know you are One with God source creator, and the reason YOU are significant with real purpose? Imagine the voice of Infinite Wisdom leading you minute by minute as soon as you awake. This is how God works.

I receive most of my instruction when I'm very relaxed, not doing anything but "listening". You may find it difficult if not impossible to hear the voice of God if you don't make time to listen. This is where hearing the voice of God source creator intervenes to be certain we hear. 

As soon as you are just waking up, still in the lucid state before you're logical mind kicks in with it's To Do list. I might receive instruction or divine guidance during this time and write it down so I don't forget. 

This morning I grabbed my note pad and did just that.

I will share with you something I was shown I think you'll like.

We may be given "simple" instructions first with the inner prompting about "when" to act (felt in the solar plexus region and around the heart). This is you're divine navigational sector which will NEVER lead you off course if you listen.

I was shown that many of us desire healing, miracles and a huge act from God to shift our life into the upright position. So I asked for direction and, is it so difficult for us to receive from God or is it Us that makes it harder than it is?

We're talking about the Power of God that created You, I and the Universe!! Of course it's not difficult to have our needs met or to generate miracles.

But we are "conditioned" by society to "beleive" every thing we do or desire will or should be difficult. The only difficulty is "allowing" God to work through us and unfold our life into the perfectly orchestrated music you'll ever hear. This is how you'll feel inside when you allow God to take the lead and then follow through on the instruction you hear. 

So, here are a few notes fresh from this morning. 

1.) A Big one, I think you'll like it is this.... YOU cannot outgive God. What does this mean? Give back more than you receive and do it without any strings attached. 

God works through us by testing our faith and trust in him by using Money. Money is our biggest test. Letting go of it.

God has proven to me through "money" that he does what he's promised.  Once I gave away my last $20 as a way of showing God "I trust you". In less than two days, I received 4 times the amount. I did it again but this time gave more and received even more.

God is getting our attention through Money this year and into 2018. We will be given many opportunities to provide with NO strings attached to the outcome, that's God's job. 

We're in Christ consciousness now and moving forward. It will be up to you to trust in how much you want to trust that you're life become a beautiful sympony with God as the Conductor. 

You can donate in many ways. I prefer to give to other's who support my spiritual evolution. This can be a friend, neighbor or a person you've never met if they are inspiring you to connect with the holy spirit or divinity within yourself.

2.) Our Exterior life is a direct reflection of our Interior life. Well, this is a favorite of mine because it's sounds simple but can be the most difficult. 

What you eat, drink and think will RULE you're life. I "think" I'll put good things into my mind and eat fresh food and pure water and green tea. 

Recently I was shown to detox my body and do it simple. Here again, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to detox your body. Go outside in nature, this is the garden of life. 

Tea is one of the most high vibrational foods you can take in, mix that with pure spring water and you have a miracle elixier. ( If you chose to do this please of course follow the directives of you're physician.) 

Be consicous of what goes into you're mind through sight, hearing and Imagination. Avoid being around harsh energy in other's if possible and. 

Spend time and energy focusing on where you're life is being divinely guided. This is the time now moving forward. You want to place you're energy, not in the past but moving into a higher vibrational altititude energetically. 

Detach and let go of things, people, places that need to fall away so you're energy body will be free.

3.) Don't Complicate God's Work within you. You are never asked to do what you are unable to do. Many of you are being "shifted" gently into a new phase or sequence involving what is the closest to you. You're relationships. Work. Geography. 

Minute by minute you will be guided in you're life by how peaceful you feel. You  may have other's telling you what they believe you should do but you'll know by how you "feel" in you're spirit if this is God speaking through them to you or their ego speaking through them. 

Think of how gentle and soothing the presence of the divine is. Do you feel this when you're around certain people? 

God's voice is the voice of Peace. It's rarely shouts. These simple guidelines will help you're mind and spirit to awaken to the ONLY voice you need to hear.

Be Inspired! Be Blessed!

Thursday, August 3, 2017


The past couple days I've been very tired. Quite unlike me. In fact yesterday I slept almost twelve hours followed by an hour of prayerful meditation. The thing is, the energies at this time are intensely shifting not just energetically but inwardly they are purging wounds from our soul and pushing them up to the surface.

Many of you will feel this emotionally. You may have dramatic shifts in you're mood especially if you have not grounded and centered you're self at the begining of you're day with prayer, meditation or taking time in nature to commune with our source creator, God, Divine Spirit.

I took a walk to do some filming for my Youtube channel and found my mind opens up more to spirit when I am outside. If you can step outside at some point in you're day to allow the wind to breathe into you, you will feel the spirit of god surround you. It just is, as nature is gods creation, just as you are.

So, here are a few notes from my journal I had written some time ago I want to share with you.

BE selfish enough to stay inside you're vortex or (centered with god) and don't make ANY decision until you're in it!

LEAVE the responses of other's out of the equation of you're life, if they don't understand you they are not on you're frequency. Continue to move forward.

STOP explaining yourself to people who do not understand you. It's a waste of you're precious time and energy you can use to fulfill you're divine mission here. The infinite source creator who created you know's every detail of who you are, what you're accomplishing and where you're heart is.

GET into alignment (or stay in you're own lane and move forward). If someone doesn't support who you are now, they likely won't support you later when you're manifesting much more.

BETTER results do not happen by repeating the same thing. Focus on you're GOAL, not the moment. Focusing on the moment keeps you right here, in the moment. Moving forward requires you to look ahead.

God source creator intervenes in subtle ways at times through what we've journaled previously. Sometimes when you receive messages and write them down you will see a significance later down the road, many times so you will see how you're miracles have been orchestrated in perfect and divine timing.

My notes as well as my life in the past four years have shown me God our creator has held to the promises he's given.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Are you Crazy-in-love with him or her? Are you lured into a spell of another you can't seem to shake off?

If so, you'll love to read this book. 

Crazy love. Wonder why you're in it? Why the Push / Pull attachment is enticing? Have you left physically but mentally you're still thinking about them?

Many of you are in a relationship that pulls you're internal triggers. It's a love/hate thing.

This story is Fiction. None of the characters are real, and then again it may relate to you're own crazy-in-love experience.

Laughter is the best medicine so laugh, be drawn into what the messages convey.  Learn more about the hidden reason for "crazy love."

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I imagine hiking through a wilderness trail and being scratched, bruised and tripping over rocks, sometimes mud and if you're in the right place a dangling snake. Just when the trail opens up it starts to pour warm rain.

In times like this you can complain or you can be grateful the rain is warm and strip off you're clothes and let it bathe you in heavens elixier. 

Life is a journey. It's going to be much better if you're perspective is on the upbeat, positive side and things will transpire in that fashion as well. In my own life, there have been Many many times I could have given up on my dreams. 

I am a healthy risk taker as you can read in the link above.My life is quite comfortable at times which I am magnamously grateful. Other times I question if God and his angel armies have my back as they say they do. 

In the nic of time miracles appear, not when "I" decide they should happen, but when our Infinite Creator does. 

Like me, you may experience great difficulty at times. We sometimes wonder why. This is why. The most difficult times pave a way for the greatest miracles to occur.

We are here to learn to trust when things seem impossible. It's usually around relationships or finances. 

One of the precepts I learned early in my life and practice is this: You reap what you sow and the greater you sow the greater harvest you reap". 

What this means is it's God that provides for us. We think our paycheck comes from our business or employer but the "energy of abundance" filters from our infinitely abundant source creator through their hands and into our hands. 

Part of what you receive is to support a cause, a person or a random act of kindess. I am provided for many times miraculously because a portion of what I receive is designated as an act of faith to be given as divinely instructed.

Regardless of how little I may have I will give to others. Doing this will change your life and have the ability to increase your capacity to give more and more as you receive more.

You may leave random money in the path of someone who needs it or donate some of you're belongings. 

Give something to others while you still love it. If you cannot give money, this is the next best thing, give up something that's difficult to let go of like you're favorite gemstone ring or that $100 bill in you're wallet.

This also falls in line with backing away from a situation you feel attached to. Allow God to intervene on you're behalf. The outcome will be the best for all.

The universe, God, creator, Jesus... however you label this infinite divine source, you may learn in time that you're purpose is in front of you.

Just like the twisted trail ahead may have thorns as well as rain to wash the wounds clean, it will be more peaceful if you trust the path you're on and see situations and events as teachers. 

Part of this journey requires patience, trust, faith and hope. 

I've learned through how I chose to live my life is that of freedom and space creates many times uncertainty. I know what my dreams are and what my divine mission or purpose is. I don't have the time to feel too sorry for myself but instead I will dive into the projects that are connected to my purpose, one which is "writing". 

There is something for you to do. It might be through creating or hiking or connecting with others that you feel the presence of you're angel allies giving you peace. You can ask for motivation and it will be there. 

Be you're best and forgive yourself if you slipped. Today is another day to get it right. Don't hold on to the past, move forward. You are forgiven, forgive others and forgive yourself. 

One of the hinderances to our peace is guilt over something stupid we said or did. Other people may try to keep you stuck in the past by bringing it up. Walk away from people who do this attempting to guilt you into staying stuck and not taking the high road. 

Don't look back, look up and forward. Keep you're positive vision in the forefront of your mind and as if you're driving a car you'll move towards you're destiny. You cannot drive forward looking down, you'll crash. Why do it on you're sacred journey through life?

There will be times that look tough, hurdles to jump or mountains to climb as well as valleys. Perception will take you where you want to go faster than you can imagine if you're viewing you're path with you're goal or purpose waiting for you. On the contrary, it can take you just as quickly into a region that holds you back if you chose. You have a choice.

Keep in mind, the closer you are to you're goal, vision or destiny, the more you may come against offense. You're positive light turns brighter and illuminates the dark. People may do their best to negate you, dissuade you or talk about you in a negative way. The best thing to do is Ignore and do not allow what other's think to take a position in you're mind. Forgive them and send them love and you're own life will be blessed.