Thursday, May 18, 2017


You can't stop thinking or daydreaming about paradise can you? I know the feeling all too well. But instead of just dreaming about it, I make the move and if you're contemplating a move the energies until September are optimally at peak to do so.

If you've followed me long enough you get the vibe I'm powerfully influenced by the "spirit of wanderlust", and yes I consider this part of my soulful purpose.

It has been said, "t is better to try and to fail than to never have tried at all." Isn't it true? If you try and fail then you have experienced one more opportunity to succeed. This is how I see it and if you should too especially if fear is holding you back from aspiring to the life you dream of.

If you make it you're goal and focus you're actions and intentions in the direction of you're dreams, just watch how the universe conspires to bring things, people and situations into "alignment" to bring this goal to fruition.

"Take it from someone who knows, not someone who doesn't." I was fortunate to have some wise souls toss helpful advice my way and a few in particular supported my ongoing desire for geographical re-locating.

You may not have all the tools right now to take this journey but they will come together in perfect timing. The thing to remember is do not "force" things to happen. As you "allow" the rhythm of you're intentions and actions to flow as they will, then you will be delighted at the outcome as the pieces come together many times more perfectly than you could have orchestrated yourself.

Keep in mind, you're "desire" to be somewhere else is most likely you're inner muse giving you the nudge. But why? Because you have another adventure awaiting that may not be possible where you currently are.

Moving to another geography whether just at the other side of town or the other side of the globe will change you're life. But let me go further than that. It will Reinvent you giving you the tools to live you're true self and most likely allow you to feel more at Purpose to help you trust you're inner navigator.

Geography has been my passion as long as I can remember. As a child I could spend hours spinning the globe imagining living in various places, experiencing diverse cultures, etc.

There is a sense of freedom being in a foreign place not to mention many times finding you're "vortex" and having to search and explore a new region for it's treasures. People in all places will come to you're rescue in a new place just as curious about you as you are them.

You're experiences will not be the same ever again, they will be different and so will you. Geographical "resonance" is where you will become a greater version of you as you enter this vortex or place of resonance. Many times you will fine you're soul's purpose along with Success, Love and Adventure will meet you where it may have evaded you before you're move.

In my book "The Cypress Path" I have written about many of my experiences and because of my passion for geographical wandering I have filled my soul and learned how spirit works in Synchronicity and learned to trust my intuition. 

One of the things I learned is that when you are in a new and unfamiliar place real "Magic" begins to ensue. Miracles happen when you are out of you're comfort zone and the unexpected comes to you're door.

Don't fear the guidance you receive to embrace you're dreams. It's just a step away from taking you there.

Thank you for being here. 
Bon Voyage, London

Monday, April 10, 2017


Is there something you want or need? Sure, there always is something more. It's the nature of existence. All of existence including you and I are in "process of evolution", and it never stops. We are in a never ending cycle of birth, life PLUS rejuvenation, and death. 

When ever I need something I remember my avocado tree. I cultivated a seed and now I have three avocado trees. To me, this represents three miracles that mirror YOU and I. 


I almost gave up on my first seed. Nothing happened for three months until I moved the seed into a martini glass so the roots had room to emerge from the bottom. THEN at last it began to grow because I was "patient" and gave it "space". 

This is very much how you and I are in Synch with the nature of the entire universe. There is no proof of our future, nor is there proof our efforts will work as we wish them to. 

Part of Manifesting what you want is to ASK for what you desire.

Then put Action to that desire. From this point Surrender, this is the space in which you allow nature and cosmic intelligence to work in you're favor. Also the time many of us give up.

Remember how when you finally threw up your hands and surrendered a relationship because you were done? Then suddenly they came running, no, Racing back to you? This is the natures Space in which room has been allowed for Magic to take place.

Every microscopic element in this universe is Pure Divine Magic. Think about how evolution occurs with no effort or even thought, it still miraculously creates and not only that, it creates infinitely perfect and in perfect time and order. 

Not even our perception of Chaos is out of order. It is only the limitations our minds place on divine order. If you asked for change but were afraid to make the move Kali or Pele' can help you with that but it might be abrupt. 

If things don't happen NOW or as we "think" they should, relax, it's okay. It's not suppose to happen just yet. Patience is paying off in big sums of money or what money can buy but for many of you, you'll have what you need so don't worry.

This week April 10th you will begin to see you're small miracles begin to emerge. The way this magic works is to offer space by allowing yourself to relax, step away from trying to make things happen while taking the action steps you Can take, and allow this magic to come forth.

You should begin to see some activity you've been hoping for ... or better. And so it is, it is so!

Put your desire out to the world in a way that is comfortable to you. This is you're truth, speak it, write it or send it telepathically. It will be received when you send it off with love and faith.

You are heard by sound frequency. I've written about this in Sound Healing. 

Now onto you're magical MAY Psychic Angelic Preview of whats to come for you.

Health comes into the light for you Aquarius. Get in shape but focus on you're inward state of Mind and Body. Beauty and health is vibrant and lasting through simplicity not extreme methods. Simplicity governs radiance and light in all of life. Start with green foods and investigate vegan lifestyles. As you do, your mind will lift you up and you'll see what you've thought was lost.

Dance like no one is watching. NOW finally you will feel like it. Is the theme on body awareness? My guides say the body is the Temple of the Divine. But who's divine? YOU are Aries. OMG and how. You can bust a move with grace. Perhaps all this activity is also Manifesting you're highest calling.

Change it up. Yin Yang. Do something Opposite if you can. I see double or maybe it's two of you in different uniforms. One of you is playful the other is a saint. It's about time we discovered saints can be playful and Healing to be around. For too long we've just been too serious but you dearest Pisces have a way of showing us the Light and how to finally be Free. Thank you thank you thank you.

No one knows the true heart of a Taurus but another Taurus and even then you're depth stretches up over and around the earth faster than light. You can see into Everything with ease and still be quiet about it. WHY? Patience. This is you're strength and also what you take to the bank. Success for you is a process yes, but even the slightest motion to you is a miracle. Just for you Taurus, I've plucked the biggest Star from the sky and given it to you. Blessings are falling upon you dear one.

Sail on silver bird. Who said that? I think it's a song but I see a jet overhead that's going to land soon at Martha's Vineyard and then fly off to someplace romantic yet again. I'm writing this ahead of time and hope you'll see this but in case you don't you can look back so I can say "I told ya so". If you want it you can have it. Need I say more?

Someone emailed me a dream. Now hold on for a moment. I've had three dreams in two weeks that linked me to the email and then I visited someone I was Lead to visit. I followed my intuition and they had an unexpected angelic message for me. In fact, they said "I don't know why I even said that!" But guess what, I DID! It was a confirmation of how real our dreams are. They are called angelic guidance through premonition. Yes indeed. Messages are crystal clear now. Stop poo pooing them and say Thank you to the Universe for the insight. 

Turmeric is a magic potion. So is Spirulina. I use both and being vegan I am never ill. I take sea salt baths and use coconut oil. I heard you're trying to raise you're consciousness to HEAR clairvoyantly. Water is a conductor and I would say drink more pure water and immerse yourself in the ocean if you can. 

Learn to surround yourself with the abundance of being connected to the earth however you can. The energy of being in nature is a magical way to become receptive to the divine. It reconnects our busy lives to what is truly important.

You've morphed from the cocoon into a butterfly and suddenly you are free. Someone tried to hold you back but you came out of hiding and now you can blossom into the beautiful creature and create the life you wish. Sometimes forgiveness is the key to the Castle. I see you have the keys. Please invite me for tea and tell me all about it. In fact, I believe you will be placed in the spotlight in May and a radiant light shines on you. Blessings.

Archangel Gabriel gives us signs in various forms. Gabriel is a Messenger of birth. New birth is happening for you from now through May. Conception. Blossoming. Lily pads. Music. 

There is a symphony surrounding you of energy you will feel throughout your body. Its frequency of the divine and perhaps Divine Initiation (described in my book The Cypress Path). Gabriel appears I know the bud is becoming a flower and gentle bees are gathering nectar. This is the miracle of being alive! So it is.

Swimming with the dolphins? Hawaii. Tropical Island. Green drinks and pineapple. Wow. Sunshine and Azure. I think you may begin enjoying some travel and relaxation. Did you know this can open up the aura to infinite possibilities including abundance? You don't have to travel that far if you don't want to but if you check things out or do some investigation I think you'll be surprised at what you thought was not possible is so EASY!

Breathe in three long breaths and out five short ones. It takes focus. This focus also is where you can be without trying so hard. Rest you're body and mind. It's the LOVE month so enjoy the natural world and breathe in whatever you see that you wish for. The breath allows us to be receptive to divine intelligence. There is something for you to absorb yourself in. It could be a genuine hug from a total stranger. They too are the divine.

Oodles and oodles of love Sag. Party like it's 1999? Wait a minute. What happened in 1999. I think you're thinking back to the past. Reflecting on a good time baby. 

Do you know the message here? 1- 999 = (1) & (27 = "8") Wow. Now you see what I see. The Magician. In the Tarot the Magician is a "I" and he has an Infinity sign above his head. The "8" here represents Infinity and infinite possibilities. I believe I sent you back to reflect on just how unlimited you are TODAY. Focus on what you truly desire because it looks to me as if it's on the way.

Blessings and Peace,

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Take a healthy leap into you're new life and begin loving each and every day! Now is the time to take action towards you're dreams and goals.

Many important and popular concerns you've asked me about regarding MONEY, KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS and YOUR LIFE PURPOSE, how to understand and work with them.

You will learn how to deal with Negative People, taking Healthy Risks and most importantly How to Navigate Your Life in this New and Changing Paradigm of 2017 forward.

What about just as life gets good it just as suddenly takes a U turn and why. Why you feel alone and How to Know and Connect with you're Guides and Angels. The most important one of all is... How to Trust Yourself.

You'll find this book to be not just a tool but a guide for Inspiration and Positive support. 


Thursday, March 16, 2017


Another month passing very fast. You may feel you're energetically on the fast track with you're hair blown back. Perhaps it's true the pace can offer us a bit of cosmic momentum as we launch into Springtime. 

This is the perfect time to cleanse and detoxify our bodies. You've heard "cleanliness is next to godliness?" What this means is having a clean environment not only clears psychic de brie but uplifts our emotions.

Open the windows and let the breeze in. Walls hold psychic residue or stagnant energy... from fights or from love. Either way, charge you're environment with motion. You can do this by playing music, singing, dancing, yogic exercise or even changing the position, shapes or colors of you're furnishings.

Flowers attract angels. Stargazers, Roses and Lavender smell like heaven. No wonder we smile and calm down. 

Drink purified water and be aware of what you're feeding your body. Remember, food is medicine. Fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds are the food of the Gods. As much as possible eat organic or garden fresh.... and eat by candlelight even if you're alone.

Now on to Aprils Numerological and Psychic-Angelic Forecast.

I see you "toning" vocally. Are you playing the piano or speaking in that special way you do that makes those around you smile. Me too. Even the way you posture dining out is elegant and alluring. You are the quiet allure in amber-esque candlelight in April. It's as if you've been kissed by angels... you are and as the month progresses YOU will be smiling too!

Do you feel as if you've re-entered Woodstock? There is a free-ness about you this month and an undeniable difference but just not quite pinpoint-able to other's. 

You're suddenly the Goddess Bridget with long red braids and stunningly illuminating in Gold bracelets, rings and glitter! WOW. If you're male you're in the spotlight. 

It's not all about the glitz, it's the energy around you that people notice the most. You're on to something or it's this cosmic portal that's on to YOU. Take advantage of the voice of you're soul. Now is the time.

Sailing on silver. Is it twilight or moonlight that has you urning to stay right here and not move. These two times of the day have you mesmerized. This isn't you're imagination or you desire to just chill. The cosmos are conspiring to inspire you, instill hope and gentle whispers of the wind and birdsong are how angels say they love you. If I were you I wouldn't move either.

Remember jumping into a flowing stream or under a natural waterfall some time ago? If not it's time to get out of town. Pack the sarong and find some place warm and tropical with palms hissing in the breeze. After all you're hard work you're reward is to relax and allow the universe to work for you now that you've set the stage for success. Time to come out and play now.

I thought you needed a good book to read so I bought you a book without words. I can't wait to read what you write in it. You said you have a story to tell, right? Magnificence begins in the mind and once you begin the first sentence it's as if you're channeling the divine. I doubt much editing will be needed. You have a gift of insight, storytelling and magic. Let it heal you by getting it out and in turn it will do the same for us.

Spellbound. I heard this about you but what does this mean? Spells are not binding unless you want them to be. You seem to have a way with casting them and whomever wants to be smitten with you're presence and angelic energy will be delighted. 

You make life seem so easy. Perhaps you give other's hope in doing so. If you don't believe it just ask a stranger at the coffee shop "can I cast a spell on you?" Most likely they will be entranced you asked. Love works in mysterious ways and usually least expected.

Have you explored the Ley line theory around the world? I think you'll be fascinated with the geographical sites of these energetic locations. 

Go ahead, get out the globe or the atlas and investigate. I think you will discover much more than just geography here. Take notes beginning now, it will guide you to this magic you've been in search of.

I'm stuck on rainbows, bridges and architecture... and really good coffee. You too? Are you site seeing in the rain?  I feel as if England and Ireland are worth exploring but it's the "feeling" you're looking for. Buildings are just buildings but then again there is something special about these places. It could be magic or just the coffee but I feel there is a soul type union that is ancient here you will find resonance with. Perhaps in another lifetime you lived here or astral traveled in you're sleep. Either way, something is drawing you here.

Someone would travel for days to see you. I hope you know this. They enter you're dream world except while dreaming you could be leaving you're imprint on other places around the earth. Parrot, monkeys, tigers, pythons and rivers call out to you.  Those old movies you love have a message for you. Remember, April is a cosmic portal that is open to bless you with great insight so make notes of your dreams upon waking.

Tell me something Cappy.  Why are you smiling? Do you have Secrets or are you in Love? There is a mysteriousness about you this month and into May. It's as if you are planning a big celebration or you're going to run off and elope. If that's it then May will be a lucky time to do this U-turn. No one see's this coming but it will be one of the best decisions you might make.

There seems to be a lot of Dreaming happening in April. Must be that things are springing to life. Even the frogs are orchestrating outside the window sending you off to sleep. 

What a great way to fall to sleep so close to nature as if the gods are at you're lucid window sending you an angel. Never underestimate the power of frogs, they are very clever and wise. Spirit, fairies and angels reside within the landscape of magic and this magic is very real.

Drum sounds, you can hear them. Congo and bongo. The rhythm not only got my body moving but a crowd of surfers. Only One guy and a Congo drum drew us all in to dancing to his music. It was Magical right there at sunset. So unplanned and unexpected but it will be imprinted in my mind forever. Sagittarius, you have such a moment arriving.

Thank you for being here.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


WELCOME to a peek at you're Psychic Angelic plus Geographical Forecast for the energies predominant in April!

Numerological aspects of "5" are highlighted and this will apply to ALL signs of the zodiac, sun, moon and rising as all of us are influenced by these energies.

Let's start with 5 then I will explain you're geographical Location which affects you're Purpose here.

Five is a representative of personal power, ego, money, organizations, landscape, passion, stability, income, and masculinity. 

Each of these elements listed grow as the roots of a tree spread outward affecting other elements of earth yet are influenced by higher awareness activated through air and water, or ether.

Geographically, volcanic activity, thunder, rain, snow, etc., plus comets, astroids, and explosions and extra-terrestrial activity. In other words, activity in the sky cutting through the atmosphere. 

This "cutting through-ness" is also seen as a Gateway from the unseen into the seen. So in April there could be activity happening in the sky that cannot be dismissed or negated by denial as in the past.

Five is basically a Portal of higher consciousness affecting our earthly and physical realities. This gateway is open now which we could call a mergence of higher energy compressing into our space. As compression does, it expands that which is compressed including the elements on the earth.

It expands pressure which also affects our minds and bodies. We might feel pressure in our joints, heads and feel the need to medicate. What is taking place is atmospheric re-alignment. 

As the roots of the tree spread out and expand so is our ability to formulate and alchemize. What this means is our higher awareness is meeting us here where we are now and giving us feedback about truth, our health, our purpose, and we are becoming the Alchemist of our own life.

How this plays out is tiredness. But tired physically and mentally. Again, it's pressure and adjustment in the body. The body is intelligence, it knows what its doing so rest more.

During you're sleep or rest you will be receptive to spirit through angelic energy, higher learning such as messages of divine intelligence. Take notes, this will be significant to your Purpose here. Start the day with meditation and gratitude and you will notice immediate blessings!

Five energy is also about transformation. It's a Fire energy also in the root chakra. Fire is transmutation and transformation. It changes through "dis-ruption and e-ruption" by merging heat to the surface. 

Volcanic activity, skin eruptions and anger. Great balls of fire! Literally from the sky. You may see more shooting stars and stars falling and leaving fragments on the earth. You may also see or be aware of extra-terrestrial activity and enormous angelic coincidences.

This can be very exciting. So how does this bring some positive light into our physical location or geography? Very good time to consider moving from one continent to another. 

Why now? Because all you're inner nudges and dreams to live somewhere else are surfacing big time. Energy isn't something you can ignore. You ARE energy and you ARE one with all of the cosmos and directly affected. 

In other words, nature is communicating with you not just molecularly restructuring you're body but also bringing you're soul reasons to the surface. You're soul is motivating you to get-a-move-on and consider with all that is changing energetically, you are too.

You will notice too that what you use to be, do, have or be-friend doesn't resonate with you anymore. Things are changing and internally these changes bring things to the surface. You are morphing into a you that can create something more fulfilling in you're life through this metamorphosis stage.

It's all natural and with ease you can move through this window of opportunity. Yes, you're life will be different because you're idea's and desires are not as they were.

Geographically, you may be more productive, happy and "psychic" by moving near the ocean or tropical geography especially if you have a predominance of earth and fire in you're natal chart. You may find you're creativity soars and you're physical body becomes more balanced. 

You're body is always communicating with you through how you feel, mentally and physically. It's not so much about other people as Where you live can greatly influence you're mental clarity and how well you're body functions. If you're feeling ill much of the time, you may wish you consider moving to you're dream location.

April is a magical month. You and the earth are watched over and cared for by the angelic and celestial world as well as earth angels. 

This entire year impacts us all in profound ways! Be excited about you're life and expect Miracles.

Blessings and Peace,

Are you considering a big geographical move? If you would like some introspection into how this may affect you, consider a personal reading.

Look to the right hand column "Be guided to Joy" for information about my readings. Thank you for being here!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Enjoy your March insights. Please read you're Moon and Rising for additional clarity. 

If you wish for personal guidance or insight go to the right hand column for more information. 

You sense an idea while you are in the relaxation mode, either through a spa or having you're nails done with a friend. This idea has triggered you to make travel arrangements to a city you've been intending to visit for some time. Now is a great time to go. 

If you feel inspired to explore what otherwise seems unlikely for you, do it. Synergy and synchronicity will make you look twice at why you ever doubted.

The golden lantern is highlighting the ambiance you've been searching for. 

The party will be fabulous in so many ways. The magic touch is you're love and inspiration. You may discover a new gift or talent through participating and planning this event. 

Gold is abundant and you flourish around this color of the Sun, you are indeed the star in this case. Embrace how you feel creating and stay in this wonderful space. A trip in June surrounds you with the color's of azure. 

Between two white Romanesque type pillars you linger. There is a space of energetic resonance created by you and for you. 

Linger here and wait for what's to come. Breathe in and explore the reason's you are here. 

How did you get here, by bus, train, plane or did you dream it and then it became so? This place between these pillar's represents a clean slate, a fresh start and a space for you to embrace lovingly. 

The universe know's you're desire precedes you because it "is" you. Purple is a Royal Sanctuary. It can be physical or envisioned.

You're body and mind will loosen here and integrate with divinity.

Success comes in material form just as you imagined. Trust and have faith is a spell upon which you have re-trained your thinking mind. 

Old must be released in order for the new to reside as you wish and in turn brings likenesses of your desires into your physical atmosphere. 

You may acquire, inherit or be gifted with something magnificent with no strings attached. I don't think it will surprise you by the recent ongoing "signs" from the universe. You're world is blossoming quickly.

Blessings come for us to share. Music is a tool that propels you forward. Perhaps it's the vibrations of angels, at least they're at your doorstep listening.

Reserve doubt and for a moment breathe in anything you're heart desires. 

Leave guilt and worry where you cannot touch them. Instead look up into the sky for you're window's of opportunity are unlimited. 

Dream bigger in order to move faster. 

Create you're perspective from already attained your dream as you look out the window from your goal not from where you are. 

Magic ensue's and you're ready to run and feel the healing you seek. Green is a vortex for you in March into August. Perhaps a trip to Canada or the U.K.

March is about expansion and for you to build upon this with you're hands through woodwork, baking pastries, cake decorating, pottery, glass blowing, painting, jewelry design. 

Put your words into action where you find joy and begin to watch success emerge like the butterfly from the cocoon. 

I hear silence around you but your creations speak beyond words. Feel blessed and more blessing arrive.

You're mane is glowing with newness. Did you have a makeover or is it that new thing you do that's creating magnetic sparks in you're aura. 

Other's are noticing you "coming back to life" in this new You. The past is the past and good for you because you're future has been on hold for way too long. 

Leo, embrace you're stardom and chin up as there is much commotion in your atmosphere. I see chandeliers and celebrations with you holding the Golden Goblet. 

Remove the naysayers by just nodding and walking past. You don't need to pretend you like people you really don't. Focus on the ones you Do like and more like them will show up at your party. 

I see Leopards and perhaps some Def Leopard won't hurt either. Dance and allow this energy to assist you.

There has been a black & white canvas with not much color for way too long Virgo. Can't you please create you're life with one big Splash of Crimson? Try it, I think you will Love it!

Instead of painting too much just simplify. Simple is the new advantage to have more. 

Dream beyond where you're mind keep's pushing you. Take control of you're mind and the rest will be so easy! 

If my dad were alive he would have adored you. You have a gift that Everyone notices except you. 

Perfectionism is more of a curse that hinder's those with great talent. Just begin. Just ask. Just go. Life wait's for no one at least on planet earth. 

We're on a timeline but you even have a way with that too. You're timelessness is magical. You bring back to life and re-make it into Love. 

That dress or suit you wear may be Vintage but it's oh so meant for YOU!

Many of those misunderstood trait's about you are past live's influencing you, but one particular interesting spirit guide who believes you are a twin soul. You are. Please let us all know you.

Do you like Unicorns? I've never seen one but they must exist "somewhere" right? 

Trying to find a unicorn that's in the Physical would surprise even me and I create alchemy all the time. 

I would just ignore people when they stir you up and get you off you're game. It's not fair but that's not for you to concern yourself with right now. 

You are between spaces in the physical but also dash between worlds in you're knowing through dreaming and subconscious activity. 

If I could step inside you're dreams I probably wouldn't return, they're so amazing. Can you write, act, sing or compose music? 

God may just show himself to us through you. 

Those lips should be in the movies!

Some people's expressions are all about the lips, like Angelina. Without speaking you can say it so well. 

In other words, stop negating you're strengths by inserting an agenda that isn't right for you. How many print outs, re-takes or multiple copies does one need? 

Show up in person and do it soon. Confidence is in knowing who you are. A child of the divine who allow's what will happen to happen beyond the showing up. 

Go now, the forces are with you.

Number's say more than you might imagine. I bet you're address is written in code. 

Much about you is in code and it's unlikely you are truly seen because of it. 

The party surrounds you and yet you're not dancing, physically that is. Instead, you're mind is involved in downloading equations from Einstein or philosophies way beyond what anyone Today would understand. 

You're a genius. Why don't you begin jotting down notes to compile for later. I am certain by the end of 2017 there will be many other's who want to read what you have written down.

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I received some significant information about 2017 yesterday, the 5th of December. I was shown 2017 also corresponds to yesterday as there will be FIVE segments of significance over the course of the year. Here, I will only cover two major sequences as they are the Major Arcana. 

The minor ones can be shown individually through mystical signs or teachers or I will cover those at a later date.

December being a "3" is one quality of the Merkabah or expansion, higher consciousness, intuition. Both energies, 5 and 3 embody and number "8" which symbolizes Infinity or Manifestation. These two culminate into a Space of "11" representing the Invisible where the Soul resides within us. 

In this Space there is recognition of Mystery which we are on a mission to investigate. This mission is taking us into 2017 on a ride to freedom through the unknown, the intangible and finding sustaining foundations in our uniqueness. 

Enjoy the ride.

FIVE indicates there will be much change and transitions from something to another with an emphasis not so much on relationships but on regaining our Personal Power.

This shows up as us "taking back our power through what we do for a living."

It appears to me disempowerment comes through working for others, working for the system or some hierarchy dictating what is right for us. 

We start to notice it in ourselves through dissatisfaction, depression, anger and flat out rebellion in the work place. See for yourself how you feel about this. Is it working for you or has it in the long run. 

Just how satisfied do you feel? From what I hear, the chaos sometimes of doing what we truly do not want to do stirs up much more than it's worth than if we were Self employed or at least partnered with like-minded people who share our passions.

But just what about passion? "I'm trying to support myself, I can't be concerned about what I love to do. I have to take what I can. " 

You don't have to be a Magician to know this society is based on creating the feeling of fear in us. Fear of lack and if we happen to be in a place of lack for a time when will we get out of it? 

I know what lack is. Some of you may not believe it but I have had my financial high's and low's. Money is energy. It fluctuates. What happens with the stock market? It changes constantly. 

Money isn't consistent. Sometimes we have it, sometimes we just don't. It's a fact of life, but it's also just a tool of energy. 

One of the greatest influences in our life is over money because it's linked to survival and to our root chakra. 

You all want less talk and more action so I realize talk is trite. This is why I mention Personal Power.

Personal Power is linked to our Sacral Chakra, or the 2nd one. It's Orange color generates our desire to create. Creating what we love doing whether it currently makes money or not MOVES the energy that has the capability of supporting us!

This is why if your not already, begin doing what you love as a hobby. This is the KEY to moving this energy and keeping you on the path to your purpose because it's where you feel the happiest.

We've been giving away our power to other's who don't know us, never will and yet we fall over ourselves to listen to a big talker or the media feeding us with total crap about our health, beauty, money and relationships.

Instead stop. Listen to the still, silent presence within and what this is saying.

We don't trust ourselves. Does it make sense? We trust people who we may never meet rather than ourselves. Question everything if it makes you feel better but this world embodies MYSTERY. This is why we seek answers in the intangible, the unknown, the mystical.

At a deep level it resonates, gives us peace and feeds our soul.  

Many of you are in the midst of financial crisis. Many of you are twisted by your partnerships both business and intimate. Many of you are suffering the deep night of the soul.

December is truly a turning point for all of us. This is moment in time and one that it seems many of you will kiss goodbye happily. Positive thinking hasn't worked too well for you and yet it keeps you afloat to hope. You are truly rewarded for keeping on because much in life can be difficult. I don't like sugar coating things especially when I know there seems a majority of people in deep hardship.

How do we get out? When?

I will sum up 2017 in two segments of time here. I see it as a bridge to freedom within our consciousness. We are waking up to the truth about people we trusted. We are waking up to the depths of who we are becoming and what we truly think we are here for. 

So as you walk across this bridge it's as if the sun comes out and you hear birdsong again rather than a silent cold, gray sky.

The Major Arcanic segments I will briefly cover here are January to May. June to November. December is a stand-alone mystery and I'm not shown why just yet.

January to May. Number 5 energy. "Get started"

It's a gathering place energetically. You can say it's a time where our Root chakra heats up. This is where you may make a spontaneous decision, go into work, write out your resignation and ..... hit SEND. Good Ridd'ins!

Or, your give the BYE BYE to a lover who doesn't and never will see or acknowledge value in you. Not because your aren't a gorgeous person but because you've outgrown them. Each to his own. You want more and deserve it!  

You may begin recognizing a thief in your presence. Are they taking your time, your work or they using up your energy so they can benefit without doing their own work? 

I see the potential for a big revolution in the college age crowd and the mid-lifers. This makes sense. I'm not sure words are enough for this but I will share what seems fitting.

"You wreck my shop and my house and now my heart, 
but how can I run from that which gives me life"

Rumi The book of Love by Coleman Barks

At first, it seems dysfunctional and then I see turmoil affects our foundation, then bleeds into our relationships until we come to the place of soul searching and the place to look within the wreckage and seek the mystery of life. 

Most of us will not acknowledge there is a greater force working in our favor until we feel pain and suffering. Many of us suffer in silence and make it work, we speak to our pain to get through it. Many of us numb our pain with substance. But in the first Five months of 2017 we are on that bridge and ready to move forward regardless.

This is an opportune time to channel suffering into a passion. Ponder this.

I see great motion on a mass scale of energy forming a huge current where we are gathering up momentum within us and taking back our soul. We each have a desire to live a great life, to have peace every day and to wake up with a sense of wonder.

We have this time to investigate this inner mystery that's been tapping us on the shoulder to do something else with our life. Many of you are chasing your tail and getting nowhere. You live in a safe place where nothing ever changes... and neither do you. 

It is greater to risk and lose rather than to never try. Don't look back on a life of stagnation just because you felt it to be safe. Live a full life every day and stop worrying about tomorrow. If planning ahead makes you uneasy then don't. You don't have to do what it seems others do or have done, do what YOU can do. That's the first step.

June to November. Number 7."Interaction"

I'm not an astrologer but I have the sense there are things beyond our control and a big one is nature itself. Lately for some reason I keep thinking of Volcano's. Mt. Vesuvius in Naples mostly. When Mt. St. Helens erupted I wasn't far away at the time. You don't hear that kind of explosion in a lifetime often and the sky turned gray with ash for days. 

I felt a piece of me died when during the fires of Southern California stole my favorite hiking sanctuary and burned it to the ground. I felt lost and grieving for the life taken away within and without. 

Something within us dies when we change or transition. It can be on a simple scale, a major breakup or departure. This hurts and yet it is often the most monumental change we will make, or accept. 

If we wake up each morning, we have a purpose here. Let's not get wrapped up in our Purpose having to be a great feat until it is. Nature shows us that in time there is a season. We will blossom as we plant the seeds. 

This segment is for blossoming that which we have seeded in the first segment of 2017.

The impact of energy for 2017 is Triangular. The Merkabah qualities of the mystical. The Manifester. The Magician. Etheric. The Unseen energy at work. Cosmic signs as in Number sequences 11:11, 1234, 444, 333.

Many of you will become your own sage through listening and hearing your higher consciousness through your intuition and seeing the manifestations of how spirit moves in your life to assist you to Become what you are here for.

The upcoming generations of college agers are not going to be too influenced by traditions. I see much resistance to the system and more enthusiasm towards individualistic views. They are comming into our world to influence us in a new way through greater understanding of the self and soul. Unique? It may seem so, but have a significant role in our world.

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Peace and Love,

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Sunday, November 6, 2016


SPIRIT COMMUNION. Spiritual Resonance. Equal Energies. SIX and the planet Venus. All of these components are metaphors for the energetic landscape of November. 

Energy is likened to a fog casting it's translucency for miles and increases or decreases depending on various factors. It reflects through our bodies, emotions and choices. A monthly reading can give an indication of this space in which time is irrelevant and reflect peace that you are on the right track.

If you watch my forecasts you will notice a pattern after awhile that the energies may reflect your life exactly. In this case you have been met with a Spiritual Counterpart either by means of spirit guides or your intuition guiding you towards this resonance.

In other cases, resonance will circle back to you in another reading or month. Notice where you are drawn naturally in your search for an answer. You will feel peace during this process without force.

Spiritual guidance comes from reflecting back to you what you most seek, at the heart or on a soul level. You will receive the guidance you most need at the moment. 

This is what I love about reading the Tarot but especially in reading normal playing cards.  In it's mysteriousness the algorithm it creates is uncannily accurate configuring a message of poignancy.

November is very reflective of Union with the other either through external messengers or spiritual guidance directing us through the veil between worlds. The only mystery in this is the translucency of the intangible. 

It is through noticing this intangibleness we learn to trust in the guidance in our path. If you've ever perused the isles of a bookstore with the intention to find what you seek you may have had the experience of opening one book after another to find the answer as it randomly fell open.

Many years ago this was how I found trust in spiritual guidance leading me from this book to book until I found what truly resonated and made sense to me.

Notice what catches you off guard on your search. You may not have any indication of the path to follow at this time. Perhaps you are in need of a job, money or a love relationship.

All these things are important to you. They are not less important to your purpose or to spirit. You are always being guided.

As I began writing this blog I was shown the angel of Temperance. The card indicates her holding two golden chalices and filling them with water, love, sustenance, truth.

I was shown this card represents the energies of November in it's expression of TWO or Spiritual Soulmates/Counterparts. 

The universe consists of Yin and Yang, of two embodiments creating Union. Union is intangible, it is invisible and yet it creates the feeling of wholeness as it reflects one upon the other to create motion. 

This Motion is change and fluidness as indicated in the the elements moving through the chalices.

YOU are one of the Chalices or the Cauldrons being filled and guided towards wholeness.

Do you see this angel? Not really. This angel works behind the ethers or the veil creating this fluid motion and maneuvering your world through shifts and changes to guide you toward all the, sustenance, truth and joy.

This angel assists you in finding the path to your soulmate/spiritual counterpart and to Love ... through the energy of "attraction" hence the attractive elements of water.

We most successfully acquire what is best for us by "resonance" or "attraction". This is the mirror of our soul ( water at the foot chakras as indicated by the angel are energetic kaleidoscope of energy we walk on. ) 

Novembers energy is about our footsteps being guided by the celestial world of the unseen into the activity of the sensual, intuitive and emotional landscape within our bodies.

To feel supported by the world may seem insignificant inside of what is transpiring with you today.  In this very moment however you are one aspect of another or of many and they are of you. 

You are someones spiritual counterpart and always have been and each moment on your path you are guided through your experiences to find joy and love and then "attract" all that you need.

It is my hope you will allow your mind to "rest" in it's control of HOW you think your path should be and ALLOW the this space of fluidity seen as transparent love to guide you.

In this emptiness or void love can find you, love can attract.

Peace in this space,

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